Name: Bonobo

Author: Makaio

Required Expansions: None

Required Downloads: None

Description: My very first ever animal, the Bonobo is a primate that is very closely related to the common chimpanzee. They are considered more related to humans than any other species of animal on the planet. For more info on the Bonobo, check out A-Z Animals!

In-game, the Bonobo may look like a Chimpanzee, but it is noticeably smaller than the Chimpanzee, and quite a bit darker, especially on the face and the hands. The Bonobo is slightly more attractive to guests, and is unlocked at 4-Star fame. Also comes with a gift. The Bonobo Backpack!

Enjoy my first ever download!

Image Gallery:

(Bonobo is on the left, Chimpanzee is on the right)