Avisrex Downloads

Name: Avisrex Downloads

Author: Avisrex (The Dark Phoenix)

Required Expansions: African Adventure, Endangered Species, Marine Mania and Extinct Animals

Required Downloads: Walking with Dinosaurs and Aves Packs by HENDRIX (both can be found in HENDRIX's signature on the ZT2 Round Table), and Caribbean Travels (Part 1 and Part 2, found at Zoo Hispania)

Bugs: The Dark Owl may potentially cause the game to crash, according to Avisrex. Other bugs are unknown.

Description: This pack contains a collection of projects created by Avisrex (The Dark Phoenix). It includes a modified version of andrew12 and Whalbite's Pterosaur Pack (found on the ZT2 Round Table), part 1 of a Mesozoic Dragons Pack containing Yanornis, Huoshanornis, Navajodactylus, Muzquizopteryx, and Harpactognathus, and a solo Dark Owl.

Credits: Christina Aguilera helped with the Yanornis and Huoshanornis, and Denomon3144, Dilophoraptor and JohnVM helped with the Pterosaurs

*Avisrex has requested that these downloads be made available for long-term preservation. This download IS public domain.

Image Gallery:

(From left to right and top to bottom: Yanornis, Huoshanornis, Dark Owls, Pterosaurs)