Animal Roulette Removal Hack

Name: Animal Roulette Removal Hack

Author: Makaio

Required Expansions: None

Required Downloads: None

Description: This hack will remove the animal roulette/lottery on challenge and campaign game modes. Instead of having "slots" in which only several animals appear, all animals will be available for adoption.

Please note that this hack will cause all animals to be available for purchase at all times. For instance, animals that are normally only available at five star zoo fame, such as the Giant Panda, will always be available for purchase, even when the zoo is only at 1/2 star fame. If I can find a way to fix this so that only animals that are supposed to be unlockable at a certain fame are actually visible at that fame, I will release an update to this download, likely as a separate version.


Please ensure that your download is named "Animal Roulette Removal Hack". This update fixes a bug in which essential functions of challenge and campaign modes, such as research and goals, were disabled. You should delete the previous version.