Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is the level of difficulty on the Tiber River?

  • On the first 3 days the river is WW2-3 (wild water 2-3). The average daily paddling length is between 20-30km.

    1. Is the event open to all stand up paddlers?

  • You need to be both proficient in sup and familiar with rivers.

    1. I'm a beginner, can I participate to TiberTour?

  • Traditionally, TiberTour is a meeting where people learn to paddle, provided they have some basic knowledge: we organise courses before the event, so people can learn, enjoy the event, and become at the end a pretty experienced paddler in a bunch of weeks.

    1. I'm scared by WhiteWater. Which part of the TiberTour is easier?

  • On the second 3 days the river is easy: if you're an open waters paddler, no problem.

    1. 1 May is the crossing of Rome, right? How is it paddling through Rome?

  • Rome 1 May is a true experience, where both water scenarios are present: calm, yet running waters amid stunning views of the eternal city; and two challenging WW2-3 rapids right in the core of the Roman capital. But you can escape rapids with a portage on the bank. Thus, Rome with sup is a must-do experience! And this event is a unique opportunity during the year to do this experience with the guidance of experts.


    1. Descrivi DIT in poche frasi

  • DIT è storicamente la più importante manifestazione per l'avvio di nuovi praticanti agli sport di pagaia fluviali: kayak, canadese, sup.

  • DIT è organizzativamente la più complessa manifestazione di pagaia fluviale in Italia.

  • DIT è storicamente la manifestazione di pagaia fluviale più impegnativa per l'assistenza in acqua, dove si sono sperimentate nuove tecniche di guida e soccorso con un corpo speciale di canadesisti e di supper.

  • DIT è una delle manifestazioni di pagaia italiane più conosciute all'estero.