If you wish to be part of the true life saving Revolution please feel free to donate to this incredible cause. Maybe one day this will be the thing that saves your life or your families lives and transforms our world. Press the buttons below. We will accept no donations from any organizations that try in anyway to compromise our vision and purpose.

Any donated amount would be greatly appreciated

The scope of this revolutionary organization is great; so the funding will be used to achieve whatever the next step in the process is. The main areas are:

  1. To have a voice and to reach as many people as possible in as short a period of time as possible. This entails technology maintenance and upgrades... websites, videos, webinars... all to create the voice of the voiceless ones.
  2. The knowledge and wisdom base, books, audio books, all forms of information storage and transmission.
  3. The costs of running and furthering this organization will not only come from donations; it will come from the services rendered to those with the means to pay for them; and the reinvestment into that system.
  4. These will be the life transforming experiences; and the ecovillage healing retreat experiences.
  5. The vision is to fund and establish the first village and then everyone that follows after that as far as the donations go; eventually resulting in self sustaining systems that do not require money anymore.
  6. Money will also be used to sustain the lives of those who are part of the team and their basic expenses to empower them to make this all happen.

Just remember that your money will not be wasted; it will be valued appreciated and used to achieve the next step in the process as best it can.

It must be understood that this is a transition movement that is moving from dependence on money and society to independance from money and society; it is a process of change.

I thank you with all of my heart for trusting me and my team with your precious resources.