Review of: The Feminine Revolution

The Universal Feminine Truth Unveiled

Imagine living in an abundant health happy paradise on earth. A thriving world, where: the air we breathe is rich in oxygen and unpolluted; the veins of the continents, the mountain streams, waterfalls, and rivers run crystal clear and free. Where humans live sustainably on the land and where forests jungles, oceans reefs; mangrove swamps and wetlands are undamaged nurseries of life ensuring abundance for all. Imagine a world with no wars, no violence, no hunger… a world without walls, boarders, or fences where all life is free to roam. A world where we all live in love, balance, and harmony with all life; together as one life force, on Mother Earth as one with Mother Nature; as all babies and wild animals naturally do. Where people live with a positive creative can do attitude; where we plant the seeds of this vision in our minds, and in the minds of our children, and we all choose this way of life, we then focus on it, and practice it until we and our world become it. To do this we need to change his-story to her-story for our children to know the truth.

There has always been a universal natural creative nurturing feminine love energy and wisdom of the universe; which we once called: Mother Nature and lived by. She is the driving force of all of creation and existence in this connected giving and receiving energy universe; which is composed of intimate and complex relationships, like: galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, moons, Mother Earth, nature, land, rivers, oceans, and all life in the oceans and on the land; to micro-organisms, moss, ferns, plant life, all the way up to old growth trees, including bacteria in the soils and all around us, to worms and insects butterflies forming in paupers to become beautiful flying insects, and all of the insect life, birds, bees, animals all living in this beautiful living world; all of the growing living changing expressions of existence are composed of the creative force and wisdom of Mother Nature. All life is composed of the energy principles and wisdom of this creative nurturing universal natural feminine way. All of existence has to live and move in complex relationships together in love, balance, and harmony with all other, caring, sharing, only taking what you need, constantly giving back and planting the seeds and nurturing the babies to ensure that life goes on and proliferates.

This was the way of all life, for all life, for billions of years on Mother Earth. Then about 14 thousand years ago there were the beginnings of a fundamental shift in the way people thought, which changed the direction of humanity, away from the way of love of the creative nurturer. To the way of fear and the destructive masculine force of the universe; this masculine way can be seen in nature in the explosion of suns to form supernovas; the collisions of planets, asteroid, commits, with planets; death of one life form to be replaced by another; predators; fires; hurricanes; volcanoes; earthquakes; tsunamis…

Love relationships and organized movement of the feminine on the one side with respect and appreciation and fear death and destruction of the masculine on the other. These are the two fundamental concepts of the universe that are at play in the concept of balance; the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine. These two concepts maintained in balance work very well together; however if one is too dominant, the scales tip into catastrophic collapse.

Fear and death based male dominated pyramid-schemes that dominate our world today have taken the imbalance to the extreme. These pyramid-schemes are founded on a destructive set of foundational values and belief. They control the way we think and what we believe and perpetuate this paradigm with mind controlling indoctrination through schooling, religions, institutions, and bureaucracies. This dominant destructive masculine way of thinking and living is based on the belief that, some people are more special than others, and only they have a right to privilege; and this is achieved at the expense of all other people and Mother Nature.

We should all know by now that all pyramid-schemes fail in the end; because they are not sustainable. Like civilizations, they rise and fall, when Mother Nature collapses around them. Just like Easter Island, nature was devastated, and the people became extinct. We are doing the same thing to our whole planet right now. There is only one outcome to this insanity and it is extinction of all life and the destruction of all of Mother Nature. We are playing a game of monopoly with all life on this planet for the benefit of a few; at the expense of us all.

Uninformed humans have been, schooled indoctrinated and mind controlled, by these few into their male dominated pyramid-schemes. Their paradigm is spreading like a rampant disease of the mind, behavior and world; it is a ‘thought plague’. As a result of this selfish ecotistical sociopathic system the world is dying; we can see this if we look around and see the: deforestation, desertification, devastation, death and destruction happening everywhere. Pollution of the land, rivers, ocean and the air; loss of topsoil; displacement of all forms of life; we have the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs; we see more and more wars and plunder as the disease spreads around the world. Humanity and all life on this planet are racing and accelerating on this male dominated train of thought called “Empire” towards the cliff of extinction. While the rich become astronomically rich and powerful and the poor become poorer and enslaved to the rich.

Humanity and all life on earth are facing the ultimate existential crisis right now. The choice is: “To be or not to be”. Life or extinction, what do you choose? You see, we have the ability to turn this all around, and that ability rests in the hands of the creative feminine nurturer within all of us. The Feminine Revolution is vital for our continued existence and essential for us to live healthy happy lives of abundance on this planet; which we used to call: Mother Earth. For this to happen we need to stop ignoring the obvious truths all around us; we have to take responsibility of our lives and transform our way of life; to do this we have to change the way we think, what we believe, and learn a new sustainable way of life. Then teaching others, we will empower them to transform their way of life; thus we will change the world we manifest around us together!

Most of the problems, we face right now in our world, can be solved with a thought revolution, a paradigm shift, or the non-violent Feminine Revolution. Wars and violent revolutions throughout history have not brought about fundamental change. Real fundamental change begins within us. If we change the way we think, our values and beliefs, and we change the way we behave; this will change the world we manifest around us. Then if we change the way we raise our children; we will change the world in a few generations. We need to heal ourselves, empower others to heal around us, and as a natural process heal the world.

Our biggest problems are our potentially greatest solutions: Never before in the history of existence of life on Mother Earth have we had a greater opportunity to transform our planet into a magical sustainable thriving world. Never have we had so many conscious humans with hands that could make a real difference in this world. If the 7.5 billion people on this planet right now learned about this wisdom and changed their way of life; we could live on a totally different planet once again living in love balance and harmony with Mother Nature.

This world transforming revolutionary book was written in collaboration with my daughter Alex. Using my life’s stories I introduce the above concepts and many more. This natural wisdom is all around us if we just open our minds and eyes to see. These stories or shall I say ‘thought journeys’ will lead to your empowerment, healing, and transformation.

This book will however challenge most of what you have been taught to think and believe throughout your life, and yet with love and honesty, it will lead you to the hidden truth that we have all forgotten. Empowering you to live a way of life most of us can only dream of. If you are raising children or grandchildren this book exposes the truth about the governmental institutionalized education systems; all parents need this knowledge and wisdom to make more informed choices for their children.

Only by reading with an open mind, learning the truth, and transforming your way of life; can you become a wise healer, guide, teacher, of our time, so you can help others; so we can all help save our world together.


In giving and receiving we maintain the balances of life.

4.0 out of 5 starsA book that makes you think

ByYvonne B.on December 14, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition

This is more of a philosophical book and not a step-by-step guide to find Awakening Consciousness (Enervee). The book is filled with the author's personal experiences from his travels all over the world. The book talks about intuitive senses, premonitions, dreams, the importance of exercise and a lot more. You may not agree with the author's ideas, but one thing that comes out from the book is that it was written as with love.

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