Denis The Teacher

Help Save Our World

If you want your children to live in Love, Balance, and Harmony; in a healthy, happy, and sustainable world, this is for you.

If you change the way you think, and you change the way you behave, thus you change the world you manifest around you.

If we all change the way we raise all of our children, we will change the world in a few generations.

So let us begin the only true world changing revolution from within. Changing ourselves we will have an affect on others, who will also choose to change; in-turn they will affect others, and so on, until eventually we all transform our world together.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe we can all live in a happy healthy abundant and sustainable world where we thrive into the future. This belief is founded on our driving passion to Help Save Our World and a hidden Creative Feminine wisdom of Mother Nature and Mother universe.

Having been born and raised in Africa where my family shared the land with the Zulu Chief and his family and we lived in a magical sustainable eco-village, we know what is possible, and have a very clear vision of our potential future. This vision can be achieved through changing human thought and behavior. If we do this together we will have the combined magical effect of transforming our world around us into our magical vision of the future.

We know from following our societal and world trends that we are on a train of thought and behavior called 'Empire' which is racing us all towards the cliff of extinction. We also know: All life and humanity previously lived naturally and sustain-ably spread out on the land, as one with the land, or ceased to exist; then with mono-culture agriculture domestication of animal, religions, kingdoms and empires humanity headed of in an unsustainable direction, on a train of thought based on pyramid-schemes designed to benefit the few at the expense of all others and nature; since then we have been heading inexorably towards extinction.

What changed was the way humans thought, their values and beliefs, their relationships to one another, and Mother Nature; as a result - their way of life changed and has been killing our world ever-since.

We know we cannot stand still on a moving train, and on that train, hope and prayers are not enough. Not money, rulers, technology, nor gods are going to save us; if we continue to live our current way of life. We have to wake up and realize that we live on a limited planet called: ‘Mother Earth’. So we cannot continue to consume and destroy her and hope that she will, continue to dilute what we pollute, fix our problems, and continue to provide for us; if we continue to kill and destroy her as we are.

We are: deforesting the planet, losing our topsoil, poisoning our air, lands, and waters; while displacing and killing all life; which is driving the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs, destroying the balances of nature, expanding our deserts, with dams, agribusiness, and global warming; which is creating climate and weather changes, that are becoming more and more extreme; we have been experiencing stronger and stronger - tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as the imbalance become more extreme. All of this attributable to our current way of life; which is based on our dominant way of thinking and values and beliefs.

Our male dominated, fear driven, death, money, and oil based economy; is driving wars plundering and destruction all over the world. We can wish, hope, dream, and pray for peace but unless we change our way of life nothing will change.

The above and many more of our systemic problems all have an inextricable connection to what we think and our values and beliefs; which resulted in how we lived our lives and the world we manifested around us.

Knowing all of this and so much more, we realize that we have no choice but to get off the train of thought and change our way of life. We also now realize that the only real alternative is, having changed the way we think and behave, is to decentralize and reestablish our relationships with one another and Mother Nature.

We do this by reconnecting and growing relationships where we live in love, balance and harmony with all life and we begin to nurture Mother Nature back to life.

If we do this, Mother Nature will reestablish her natural balances; putting an end to the extreme hurricanes, tornadoes earthquakes and volcanoes - not preventing them; but reducing their intensity, severity, and frequency.

It is our mission to inspire others to embrace our vision of the future. Then to teach and guide them to change the way they think, change their values and beliefs, thus empower them to change, and to inspire others; so eventually we all transform the world we manifest around us together.

This is done through planting the seeds of thought of our vision in others minds, then choosing to transition, they will focus on it, and practice changing, until they manifest themselves into being the most amazing incredible thought leaders, teachers, or guides of our time; who will set examples for others, and show them how to transition as well.

Though the processes of nurturing ourselves, one another, and Mother Nature; we will ensure we have a much better quality of life, living balanced lives within her natural balances – which are naturally maintained by her when she thrives – so we will survive extinction and thrive ourselves.

The only real solution is this feminine revolution; which begins with healing ourselves, then empowering others to heal, and in so doing healing our world.

1. This begins with reading: The Feminine Revolution, to understand why, what, when, where, and how.

2. Next you can read our forthcoming book on: Your Quest For The Truth or Simple Natural Healing; or join us on a healing retreat to begin your healing process.

3. Then begin your guided quest for truth so you can begin to become more aware, consciously connected, and enlightened, with all of the knowledge, skills, and wisdom necessary to become a master of your own life, changing your way of life in the process.

4. Finally you gather others to create a modern-day tribe and working together you begin to empower each-other to transition to a sustainable way of life and wonderful future.

5. Then encouraging others through transition education to begin their own tribes; they will begin the same processes until we have transformed our whole world.

All you have to do is to commit yourself to this noble cause 'to help save our world' and then trust the process.

Our ultimate dream and vision

Our vision is to Help Save Our World and all life on it. To reverse the damage we have done to the best of our abilities and recreate a world based on Love Balance and Harmony; where we live in a magical happy healthy abundant and sustainable world. To do this we will transform our way of thinking and way of life. In this process we will begin to decentralize and reestablish intimate and connected relationships with one another and Mother Nature. Thus decentralizing wealth and power and empowering people to live as one with Mother Nature; thus creating independence combined with community interdependence.

We do this by creating teaching and healing eco-villages or modern tribes; to facilitate easy transitions to an abundant sustainable future. These communities will be based on the teachings of Denis The Teacher which has its foundations in the natural and universal wisdom of the creative feminine nurturer. These healing communities will be combined with, all sorts of other natural healing modalities beginning with; simple living without stress; eating a healthy mainly raw foods diet; drinking clean healthy water from mountain streams or springs; walking, playing, surfing, yoga... and rest. Learning all about Mother Nature. Gathering in a central dining area in the evenings under the stars, playing music, singing and dancing, story telling... Then encouraging others, with all sorts of non-conventional healing modalities, to join us. These could be: energy healing; movement therapies; meditation; yoga; herbalism, or plant and essential oils healing...; natural medicine; acupuncture; tapping...and many more.

These eco-villages will use Natural Agriculture, and Permaculture design - to provide water and food security and to protect it, in the case of floods and long droughts and against mono-culture crop failures, thus creating sustainable and abundant life support systems for the communities.

My dream is begin by setting up one of these eco-villages as a teaching model, in which to teach a core group of teachers, who will lead the movement; then for them to go on and to replicate it; thus spreading and teaching this system all around the world, until we have eventually transformed our whole way of life and healed the whole whole world.

  1. Our idea is to initially fund the eco-village/s with donations of money or land and all that is necessary to set them up. Then the next step is to get highly motivated people to join the eco-villages to live in, design, and create it/them. Maybe getting the help of masters in permaculture and design to help create them.
  2. These eco-villages could be used as retreats for parents of young children; who want to raise their children to live healthy happy and sustainable lives.
  3. A secondary function will be to use the ecovillages as, learning and healing retreats, so people can come from their city way of life, to heal themselves, and learn this revolutionary sustainable way of life.
  4. The money gathered from these guests will be used to set up the whole system; followed by funding each successive eco-village; until we live in the world of our dreams and vision: a magical, healthy, happy, and sustainable world.
  5. These villages could also be set up as rehabilitation and teaching centers for homeless people; to teach them a sustain able way of life, and to empower them to feed themselves and regain the self esteem and rebuild health relationships with one another and nature. This would have the added benefit of relieving the homeless problems in cities.

To discover more

Go through the pages of this website see what is available and do what you can: read the Books; listen to the webinars, do the courses and read the blog posts, in so doing you will begin your life transforming journey into the magical future we all dream of. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

The founding organizational idea

Is to keep this beyond the reach of governments and taxation by it being classified as a Natural Religion which shows no allegiance to any other systems of power; by law religions do not have to register with any governments. This religion is however, totally different from the centralized destructive power-based pyramid-scheme religion of the past.

There is a very good reason for this decision: Foundations and non-profit organizations and NGO's are all influenced and controlled by people in power, philanthropic organizations, and governments; which have power over them and limit their political speech and cause many other problems. This system has to maintain it's independence, creativity, and freedom of thought and movement to be effective. So the name could be anything; but I have taken my name Denis Moore abbreviated it to DenisM or Denism. The ism of 'Denis The Teacher'. This has no ego or centralization of power intended the teachings and wisdom has nothing to do with me, it is based on the universal and natural wisdom which has always existed. I have just developed my skills to act as a channel for this guidance and wisdom; which I receive from my ancestors guides, life around me, and the universe herself.

I also chose my life's purpose before my life, to help save our world and have spent my life bringing this wisdom back into our world. Questioning everything, writing down my inspirational thoughts, dreams, meditations and visions combining them with my life's experiences and sharing them with others in the stories I tell. I am only a servant of life, a being of mother nature within it, a being of the universe within it; just another tree in the family of life. There is nothing more special or less special about me than anything else in the universe. I have just come to help and serve humanity and life on this planet; because of my unconditional love of life, mother nature, and the universe.