The Truth, Awareness, Consciousness, Wisdom, and Enlightenment.

Look at each leaf in the picture below. Just like snowflakes, everything in the universe is unique and ever-changing patterns of vibrating energy movements; which are moving in and through space.

Some changes, as in the expansion and contractions of rocks and steel, are not easily noticeable because of relative movements. However, there are no absolutes, or ‘absolute things’ in the universe. No matter what people have been conditioned to think or believe. No two energy beings are the same; nor do they occupy the same unchanging space at the same time.

At a subatomic level “Everything is composed of vibrations” Albert Einstein. Thus everything is constantly moving and changing patterns or cycles of vibrations. Combinations of vibrations form patterns of vibrating energy, and these patterns of vibrating energy in motion, form the patterns, that compose all that exists in the universe.

Desensitized, indoctrinated, fear-driven, blind-believing, unseeing, desensitized, insensitive, unthinking, unquestioning, unobservant, unaware, and unconscious, humans of this Age of Ignorance call, individual and unique expressions of life and beings: ‘things’. This is because they have lost their connection to nature and the environment, thus they have lost their appreciation or understanding of individual uniqueness in nature. They perceive the world from the basis of abstract ideas, lies, and deceptions; which have conditioned them to see the world as being composed of ‘things’, and ‘resources’; which can be counted in ‘number’ and endlessly ‘consumed’, by the continuous growth Empires pyramid scheme; at the expense of all others. This destructive value and belief system combined with lack of awareness, consciousness, natural wisdom, and enlightenment; is the cause of many of the world’s problems. As well as the destructive manner with which people live in this world and the destructive havoc they create around them.

Whereas, enlightened humans of the “New Age of Enlightenment”, knowing the true nature of the world, and the natural wisdom all around them, have a greater appreciation of all that exists, and are better prepared to live sustainably, because they are connected to the true nature of everything and understand and appreciate the true value of uniqueness. They know that every human, every animal, every plant, every leaf, every microorganism is of unique value to the ecosystems. The individual uniqueness, as is the case for biodiversity, increases ecosystems likelihood of survival; because of adaptability, and variety.

The leaves on a tree, when observed by the indoctrinated mind of this age of ignorance, all appear to be the same.

When in fact the discerning eye of the informed, aware, wise, and enlightened mind, to natural wisdom, appreciates individual uniqueness. They see the similarities in patterns and the differences. They see the beauty of near perfection, as well as the beauty of imperfections, the fuzziness, the roundness, the differences in growth cycles, the differences in the veins of the leaves, the movements, the changes… They realize that the differences are apparent in the details.

Just like snowflakes, there are no absolutely perfect leaves and no two leaves which are identical, nor can they be 100% the same. They can only be similar, and yet unique.

Unresolved disappointments lead to dis-ease, stress and unhappiness!

How many of you are disappointed when you look at the political system on a moment by moment, daily, yearly, and presidency basis. Even if you took it to the larger level, seeing it from beginning to end, you would also be disappointed. These disappointments combined lead to disease; the total sickness of the system and the people within it. The whole system is built upon fear, violence, wars, plundering and the centralization of power for the benefit of a few. It makes out that they are the good guys while they screw the people and all of Mother Nature.

Governments are the enforcers of systems of indoctrination, violence, policing, wars, plundering, and killing to achieve more power and control. They do this as if they have a god given right to do so. If there is any such thing as evil and terrorism, which they talk about others as being, it is them with their systems of power and force. The whole system is controlled by the owners their money, banks, and their businesses, or corporations… The systems that mercilessly impose their agenda at no matter what the expense of the voiceless ones, mother nature, wildlife, and the people of the world. Even if you are doing well within the system now, it will not last long before; it is all taken from you as well.

Just before I left America there was a huge growth of enormous buildings going up in many of the cities and towns across America. I asked myself: “Where is all of the wood for furniture coming from? When we have already deforested 80% of the world’s jungles and forests?” They are Chopping down every last inch of our last remaining jungles for materials to build more and more centralized prison cities to control the movement energy and power of the people. With this we are losing the invaluable biodiversity necessary to sustain life. When do we stop buying more wooden furniture?

We have become the enslaved, domesticated human animal masses; for the benefit of the few. We are not free, we are enslaved worker mules, and money does not set you free it enslaves you to it. It might give you short term freedom; which you pay dearly for.

Every time we overlook our disappointments, we compromise how we feel, we and Mother Nature become sicker; with the disease of the thought-plague. It is time we say no more; then change our way of life. Change the systems we support and we will begin to change the world. We do this by empower ourselves with the necessary knowledge and wisdom to transform our world into a love and life based world and we will live in a totally different world.

Read: The Feminine Revolution - by Denis and Alex Moore to know much more and begin you journey back to the truth. Heal yourself, heal the way you raise your children; as a consequence you heal the world.

The Feminine Revolution authors authenticity.

For those who may stand in judgment of me choosing to print paper books when The Feminine Revolution is about my love of trees. This is why I decided to print this book on paper.

You see, I know we have to have an effective means of information storage, and communication which would last beyond my lifetime. I also know that technology will not last when civilizations collapse. Yes I know books do not last forever; however books do tend to last longer than technology. Many ancient civilizations, knowing that technology and books would never last, etched important information onto rocks; however I do not have the means or lifetimes to do my etchings on stone. Books are also easier to share with people who do not have access to technology, which is the greater portion of the human population of the planet, and most people are more likely to read a paper book than read a digital copy or lug the rocks around to read.

I chose the cream paper color which is 40% recycled, because Create-Space (an Amazon print on demand publishing company), only give two options to print on white non-recycled or cream paper. I do however; make a commitment to switch to 100% recycled paper and to print larger runs to reduce costs; when we have the financial means, and large enough demand.

I was losing sleep over the paper printing option and was not getting the book out there because of it. I was just not able to overcome this obstacle, and then I had a dream vision last night, which explained it to me, from Mother Nature and the trees point of view.

“Part of the natural wisdom of nature is that there are natural agreements within nature: One is life gives life to life; so it is acceptable to take some life to ensure the perpetuation of life. The second concept is that herbivores eat leaves, fruits, nuts, and vegetables from plants; and in turn they fertilize the earth and spread the seeds, to ensure the proliferation of life. The third concept is that this is not, my voice speaking through these books. It is the voice of the previously voiceless ones: the trees, life, and Mother Nature. For them having this opportunity to speak; is worth the cost of some lives to ensure that life goes on.

We humans are fundamentally mostly herbivores as well; so our purpose is to maintain the balances of plant growth and sustain our lives at the same time; while providing the services of fertilization and spreading the seeds to ensure life goes on. This symbiotic relationship is done while only taking what we need.

Recycling of paper does prevent unnecessary killing of trees. Yes, it is important to do no harm, or as little harm as possible; these are some of the natural agreements.

The choice here is: do the benefits to nature outweigh the cost to nature. If humanity never learns these lessons, because we never spread the word effectively, we would be doing more harm than good. The consequence of this choice would be, to continue to destroy life by continuing our current paradigm, because we chose not to be heard; and that would be unacceptable.” This was their message to me which I share with you.

Do I compromise my teachings, to some extent, to reach out and teach others; for the greater benefit of all life? Yes I do.

Love is

“All we need is love... Love, Love, Love…” The Beatles - John Lennon

There is only one thing that can save us and our future together, and that is LOVE.

LOVE is we, us, togetherness – relationships.

LOVE is positive-ness, kindness, mutual respect, appreciation, non-violence, truth, and honesty. LOVE is the creative connecting feminine energy force of the universe. It is timeless, priceless, and unconditional.

LOVE is magical!

It is the medicine we all need now; the world needs now.

LOVE is purity; goodness, health, happiness,

Love is e-motion, energy in motion, it is a process, a journey.

LOVE is balance and harmony, compassion, caring, sharing,

LOVE is the Good Wolf – the creative feminine nurturer who we all must feed.

LOVE is having empathy for all others and the pain and suffering of all of Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and Mother Universe.

LOVE is the glue the force that binds us together and ensures life goes on.

So no matter what the cost to your pride, ego, or 'perceived-self' – always choose LOVE over negativity, fear, hatred, or the need to be right. Stop justifying when you are feeding the destructive masculine angry negative – Bad Wolf!

LOVE is a state of being where we do no harm; so choose LOVE, and be LOVE!

You cannot run and you cannot hide forever; stop with the pride and stubbornness and make it right.

When we are not LOVE; we feel pain and suffering; so why choose to suffer?

It is all just a choice followed by many choices.

LOVE is powerful beyond belief but so easily broken with one unthinking choice or word; so be careful what you think and say, and always choose LOVE.

LOVE is a journey, the Movement, to manifest Balance and Harmony.

LOVE is a constant practice; so practice being LOVE to become LOVE!

LOVE is enduring if you choose it to be ever-lasting. So always be willing to say you sorry and fix the bad choices you have made as soon as possible and your positive LOVE will grow; just like a tree, a solar system, or a galaxy.

LOVE is the magical power of the natural loving, creative, nurturing, life force of the universal feminine; which exists within all of us. So be LOVE, and nurture yourself, others, all animals, all life, Mother Earth, and all of Mother Nature; for only our Mother’s Nature can save us; for she is unconditional LOVE. This LOVE is based on the connectivity and the giving and receiving nature of the universe and the coming together to form existence and life itself.

You were born of LOVE.

You are made of LOVE,

You are of a LOVE universe.

So never forget to be LOVE – light, magical, LOVE!

We need LOVE to heal our relationships, to ourselves, with ourselves.

We need LOVE to heal our relationships with all of the animals, insects, birds, bees, and butterflies.

We need LOVE to heal our relationships with all of Mother Nature and Mother Earth.

We need LOVE to heal the problems of the world.

So let us all be love and help save our world together!

“All we need is LOVE..... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… LOVE is all we need!” The Beatles -John Lennon.

You have the power to transform our world.

Every single choice you make affects your and our collective future.

Continuing to be stuck in your same old patterns of behavior or addictions changes very little; you just get older as our world dies around us, and you never grow up and never take responsibility for you life.

If you take responsibility for you life and realize your power of choice and change; you can become a master of your own destiny. So plant great seeds of thought in your mind, choose well, then focus, and practice until you become, what you chose to become. This is what effectively changes the world you manifest around you.

To grow you have to be willing to go beyond your comfort zone, be open minded, and willing to listen, learn, change, and grow. So what are you waiting for? Let us begin!

You have the power to set the tone.

So change the weather before you enter the room sunshine.

There is a magical human quality, we call charisma, and it is this ability to set a magical energy tone for others to become; which others are drawn towards and want to be like.

There is only one thing that you take with you at the end of your life; and that is your energy tone.

You cannot take money or things with you and leaving them behind they do not last.

Only the vibrating patterns of energy you have become lives on - as you - on your non-physical journey. Knowing the energy tone you have chosen, practiced and become is the future you; what energy tone do you wish to practice and become in your future?

Remember, only one thing which you leave behind continues to live on and effects the lives of others into the future; and that is the energy tone you left behind in the hearts and minds of all the people you affected with your energy tone throughout your life - your charisma, your love, your kindness, your compassion, your magical energy tone. So be kind, be happy, be your magical child self within, live life with a happy childlike non-judgmental purity.

So set your tone, be that charismatic you and watch how you transform the lives of others around you.


The choices we make manifest our future. We are creatures of habit; we generally live out patterns of behavior; which normally result in a predictable future. Like Einstein said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."