1. Begin to HEAL YOURSELF, then help heal others, and we transform our world together. We will let you know when and where we will be holding these retreats.

2. YOUR GUIDED QUEST FOR THE TRUTH - Your life transforming journey of questioning everything discovering the truth about yourself and our world. Knowing this truth you choose to transform your life, becoming more aware, conscious, and enlightened. You will discovering the answers to many of life's eternal questions. And unveil the secret universal wisdom that has been forgotten. Through this quest you empower yourself to make informed decisions about your life and the lives of your children. At the same time as you make these simple but profound discoveries you will be heal and transforming your life physically emotionally and energetically/ spiritually.

  • You will begin with what is happening in our world and discovering the full extent of what we are facing and need to change.
  • You will then go on a journey to know and heal yourself
  • this will be followed by looking at thought because it is thought that influences behavior.
  • Then religions
  • Then a brief look at the philosophy of education and institutionalized thought like politics and
  • Followed by Physics and science
  • Then you will put it all together in understanding the big picture
  • Then empowered by this knowledge and wisdom you will take it on to a whole new level of understanding to where you will be the master of you own destiny.

The above eight sections will be a guided series of thought journeys of discovery. Each month you will be sent a chapter of the eBook on the section; which will be presented. You will do your own research reading in-between. How deep you go down the rabbit-hole is entirely up to you. The guiding principles will be shared on webinars once a month for eight months. There will be questions answered and discussions twice a week. The time taken will depend upon the number of questions etc. Either Alex or I will be available for a minimum of one hour up to three hours.