Dave's Poetry (shh, from a LONG time ago!)

My candle burns both night and day

its flame a lovely sight

it' homefire burns while i'm away,

and on return a welcome light.

I'm the keeper of the flame,

just as the flame's my keeper

I shelter it from wind and rain

and in return it warms me deeper

Through the shadows of cobalt blue

in the valleys of the dark

I feel a presence, which is you,

and look ahead to see the spark

You're my candle in the night

and I hope I'll always be

the candle's match with which to light

the flame of love for you and me

I flew along the mountain crest

and searched the land so brave

I felt a surging in my breast

as I heard them whispering from the grave

they told me of my silent sorrow

and that day of no tomorrow

Then I recalled what I'd forgot

Once they mentioned it to me

That I had lived and now did not

and never again would be