Letters from Readers

Hi David,

Greetings from Australia!

I have just read your first published book, and really enjoyed it, incl. the clever title. Well Done!

There was much to enjoy throughout. I appreciated that Heath arrived as a guest unknown to the others, and then takes charge over them all. I loved the fact that there was only one telephone in the whole house, as these days everyone seems to be on the phone all the time. Little humorous touches throughout made this a delightful book.

I enjoyed the descriptions of many of the characters; esp. poor Bishop struggling with the heavy cases, and Adam's lovely smile and teeth. Your characters seemed very real and it was very pleasant indeed to spend time with them. The 1940's setting was grand, and the book cover conveys this period well.

At first I thought the plot would be similar to Christie's "And then there were none" but was delighted with the final twist.

Will you be writing further novels with Heath and Alan? I would love to also read a "prequel" -- about how they met and fell in love.

Your guys reminded me of Colin and Ethan in the "Colin Pruitt" mystery novels by Gregory Harris, set in Victorian London, with their warm and heartfelt relationship.

As a movie lover (esp. 1940's "film noir") I think that your novel would make a very memorable film, provided that the director kept all the important and key elements of the novel intact. Viewers certainly wouldn't want another sappy male/female romantic affair!

Have you had many encouraging reviews for your book? I hope so.

Thank you for writing it, and very best wishes for your future endeavours!

Kind regards,



I just wanted to write a very quick note to say how much I liked your novel 'Death comes darkly. I finished the book this morning and really enjoyed reading it.

I don't know what your plans are but I hope that I will see more novels by you in the future. I'd especially like to read more about Heath.




Hello David,

I just finished DEATH COMES DARKLY (9/7/16), I enjoyed it very much.

I wrote you that day, interrupted, then finished and went to hit send, but

Instead hit erased !!!!! MY BRILLIANT note vanish as I yelled NOOOOO!

Moving ahead one week, I am determined to send you another message.

Congratulations David on your wonderful Book - DEATH COMES. DARKLY.

I became hooked by the start of the second chapter. I had intended to read

a chapter each night prior to turning out the light and going to sleep. Night

two went to bed after 12am - going to read for only 20 mins. Two o clock

I forced my self to put it down - had to be up by 6:30am !!!!!! Next day I

Felt my full age of 101, and wasn't able to get a nap in--- FULL WORK DAY!

Having received a full 8 1/2 hrs sleep, and well rested I found my appointment

was cancelled,and the full days Rain, gave me to opportunity to spend the

day cuddled with my two puppies and finish your book. As I read I kept

Changing my thoughts as to who I thought was responsible for Mr. Darkly's

death. I even suspected Nora! - Very Well Written David!!!

When the last sentence was finished I wished their would be just one more

chapter. I knew I must read you Second Book and the third you mentioned

You were working on. I also decided Your Book will be a Xmas gift to each

Of my two nephews this year. Thank You - Three gifts in one! Your Tallent

to me and my gift to my nephews.

The book was easy reading, period correct for us who remember that time

and style of living. Your Choice of Lake Geneva was not only a wonderful

Selection as a Mid West Wisconsinite,but relatable to small town found all

over America at that time.

Again Thank You, David, I enjoyed your creative work very much,and am

Very Proud of your Success. BRAVO 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👊👍 👍



Hi David,

Just want you to know that thanks to you I got absolutely nothing done yesterday afternoon. I began reading "Death Comes Darkly" and had to finish it. I did have to go to a dinner with some friends, but immediately went back to reading as soon as I could escape.

If this is part of a series, I can't wait for the next edition. Thanks for writing this great mystery.


Hi David,

On this, the first day of May and being a Sunday, what could be a more delightful way of spending it than reading your new mystery. And I must say I am totally enjoying it! I am presently at the point where Mr. Darkly's body has been discovered in the study and Heath, Alan & Dr. Atwater are examining the body with the probable determination of poisoning. With my being a retired funeral director/embalmer, I am quite interested in seeing if the medical side to the story is factual and so far it is. I so like your setting in the 1940's and your depiction of life during those years and how being gay was treated back then.

Knowing this is your first book, I am quite interested in the backstory of Heath and Alan; how they came to meet and their lives prior to their meeting in the police department. For me backstories are always crucial to any good story as you learn so much about the characters and how they came to be in the book or books about them. I am hoping this is the beginning of a series for you and you can count me in among your ardent fans!

Being retired from Emory University where I was trade book manager for the university bookstore for eleven years and then gifts co-ordinator for the university's library for another eleven years and prior to that being around books since the third grade, I have laughingly considered myself a "child raised by books", as it was via reading books well out of my reach in my small Georgia town (thanks to the University of Georgia being the next town over) I learned about my interests, desires and urges from the books I got at one of Athen's bookstores close to campus. My great aunt was city librarian and from the third grade I was surrounded by piles, stacks and layers of books which, naturally, followed me into my senior years. I have been a proofer for MLR Books and a submissions reviewer for Dreamspinner Press and have had the great opportunity of knowing some of the best gay writers around: Victor Banis, Greg Herren, Rick Reed, J. P. Bowie, Pat Brown, Jeffrey Round and others. I did have the thrill of having a story published by MLR Press as an ebook, "Young Love, Too Soon Gone", which was about an actual event which took place during my years in the funeral business.

I must get back to your tale and see just what caused Mr. Darkly to come up dead but wanted to drop a note and say how much I am enjoying this story and look forward to others from you!

Greetings from Atlanta!


I began reading book one last night - and I love it, and what's more: I am so pleased and excited - I was able to read two chapters: I can not even get through a couple of paragraphs in articles in my Royal magazines: my most cherished interest. I believe you may have broken my inability-to-read cycle, caused by my depression and lack of concentration.

And I adore your writing style - it is so clear and descriptive. It reminds me of that of Anne Rice - in reading her books, I really got a sense and understanding of New Orleans. So far with "Death Comes Darkly," I really get a sense of tension in Heath's life - with his parents, particularly with his mother, and with Alan. I can't wait to read more this weekend.

FYI - in my ability-to-read days, I was voracious: I read both "The Thornbirds" and "Nicholas and Alexandra" in three days each (not the same three days, though - I was good, but not that good).


just finished reading Death Comes Darkly and I simply had to stop and express you how much I loved it.

I happened into Bold Strokes Books buying from another author and came upon your book and have absolutely fallen in love with your writing.

Thank you for such a wonderful read!


Leighann Parker