Dave (Dr. Chaos)'s Baseball Card Want List

(Member of OBC, OCT and VCT)

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  • Condition: I prefer raw cards over graded cards, but often choose graded cards for vintage superstars that are frequently counterfeited. I'm not terribly condition sensitive, but I don't want big/bad creases or bad blemishes/tape marks. Little ones are ok. I'm also ok with dinged corners. VG or VG+ or better is probably about right. Using the conventions of PSA, I typically don't like 1's or worse and am happy with a 1.5. My sweet spot is a 2. If it's higher than that I usually would prefer to have used my money/trade bait for a lower grade card.
  • Overview of what I collect: My primary focus is the Topps baseball run and the vintage Bowman run. I'm actively working on other early stuff, but that's been slow so any help is appreciated. I've also decided to do Heritage because I love the card stock, and am kinda doing Archives. I've started on A&G but put that on hold while I get my lists together.
  • Trading or otherwise hitting my want list: I realize my lists are getting harder to hit. I'm comfortable with many-for-few card trades, as well as few-for-many card trades. If you can't find anything on my want list, but still want to trade, PLEASE email me at toback@tamu.edu. I like to find good homes for my dupes, and typically prefer any card I don't have to a dupe in my box. I'm also happy to get upgrades, and then share the wealth with my dupes. I'm not much for oddball stuff yet... sorry... some day... maybe...

Dave's Top 10 (ish) Card Want list (last updated 9/6/2019)

  1. An early Ted Williams (52 or 54 Bowman, or better yet earlier)
  2. 51 or 52 Mantle
  3. 52 Campanella
  4. 49 or 50 Bowman Jackie Robinson
  5. 54 Kaline RC
  6. 57 Brooks Robinson RC
  7. 62 Lou Brock RC
  8. 63 Stargel RC
  9. 63 Rose Rose RC
  10. Pre-52 Bowman Pee Wee
  11. 1952 Topps Eddie Mathews

Dave's retired top 10 wants

  1. A Joe Dimaggio from PlayBall or Leaf (9/3/2019 - Jimi Thayer)
  2. Finish the Topps Jackie Robinson run (8/22/2019 - Jimi Thayer)
  3. 55 Jackie Robinson (8/3/2019 - National)
  4. 55 Clemente (7/20/2019 - Carl Verive)
  5. 49B Campanella (7/12/2019)
  6. 51B Ted Williams (7/4/2019 - Justin Dickerson)
  7. 57 Drysdale (6/8/2019)