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The late Professor Hans Rosling is arguably one of the icons of using data to change misconceptions of the world.

Here's one of his great talks about the increase in living standards and what impact it has on the world.

Another powerful presentation by the late Professor Hans Rosling - this time sing data visualisation to debunk myths and misconceptions of overpopulation.

Watch the master using data to tell stories!

Data Visualisation

Read Stephanie Evergreen's blog posts and sign up to her newsletter. She regularly has good posts and excerpts from past and previous books she's written on how to present data.


Excel Off the Grid has some really interesting tips on how to use Excel better. I learn something new almost every day from this site.

I think it's best to follow the account on Twitter.

Python Programming

Michael Kennedy's Talk Python to Me podcast is a great way to get introduced to the broader ecosystem of Python programming and the many different ways it's being used in diverse fields.

Data Sets

There are many data sets available that provide fun and interesting material for you to practice your analysis, presentation and programming. Here's some collection but there are MANY more out there.

Data sets from a project called Makeover Monday which encourages participants to come up with interesting visualisations using a programme called Tableau, but they are free for anyone to download.

For anyone interested in Machine Learning, Kaggle holds popular competitions, and the data sets are free to download and play with - you will need to create an account though.