Data Trainer

Practical tutorials to equip professionals for a data-centric world

It's no secret that the amount of data available in the world has exploded, with 90% of all available data throughout human history created in just the past few years. It's one of the most exciting developments of the modern age.

The need for data-related skills has also grown tremendously. Of course, there are many new, well-paid, positions available for Data Scientists and Data Analysts the world over.

It's not just new jobs that are data-focused. Most professionals need at least some basic knowledge of how to handle data to be able to help companies operate efficiently and compete in the market.

Just think about your own career.

  • You see that more information is being generated and tracked on a daily basis - you want to use it
  • Colleagues, peers, bosses & clients want better measurement and reporting - you want to provide it
  • You are interested in the future of work and data-driven decision-making - you want to be part of it
  • Big data, Open Data, Internet of Things - some or all of these aspects will find their way to many organisations - you want to drive it

However, like most professionals, you have not been equipped to work in this new data-centric world

Whether you want to change careers, or improve your current one, being able to work comfortably with data can only help you.

In response to this issue, I've developed a curriculum that will vastly improve your data skills.

It's based on my own 10 year career where I've been fortunate enough to deal with data in one way or another since the beginning. I've picked up many useful skills, but there's no need for you to take 10 years to do the same!

You won't only be equipped with technical skills. You'll also be guided to improve your professional skills as well.

This course is self-paced and free.

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