Excel Intermediate

Start showing off :)

Once you've been working with Excel for a while, you'll feel like there must be easier ways to do things - and there are!

These intermediate concepts will take you to the next level. For most people, this is advanced as you will need to go.

These exercises have been categorised to be either:

  • Data Handling - easier ways to manipulate date
  • Spreadsheet management - doesn't deal with data directly, but makes the spreadsheet easier to work with.

Tutorial time: All exercises should take about 1 hour to complete.

Audience: Beginners who've worked with Excel previously and who are familiar with the concepts in the Excel Basics section.

What you’ll need

  • Microsoft Excel 2016;MS Excel 2010 should also work. I'm not sure if everything will work on earlier versions.


Data Handling

If there's just one thing you learn from this whole course, let it be this! VLOOKUP helps you link data from different spreadsheets together. Insanely useful.

Download the sample and exercise sheet


Data Handling

When you want to add subtotals but not double-count them in grand totals, use this function.

Download the sample and exercise sheet

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