Data Viz in Excel

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The ability to clearly communicate is what sets one analysis apart from another. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for good reason.

Few things are more frustrating for your analysis when you need to give long explanations to clarify what the graph is saying, or people misinterpret what the data says!

Why not just let the graph say it?

Creating a good visualisation helps you think clearly about what you are trying to say.

Start implementing some of these practices and take time to learn what else is possible. Good visualisations may get a few appreciative nods in your next report or presentation, but the real value will be when people just "get" what you are trying to say - and that's the goal.

Before we start with some examples...

I highly recommend you buy a copy of Effective Data Visualization by Stephanie Evergreen. It's got step by step guides for developing clear graphs in Excel. It ranks them by difficulty and also provides some background on why the graphs look good.

She has a another book called Presenting Data Effectively which has also had excellent reviews.

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Bar Charts are one of the most commonly used methods of displaying data. Let's have a look at cleaning up one. Granted, you probably wont have started off with one as ugly as this!

Download the example and exercise sheet.

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Dot plots are surprisingly quite fun to make. Maybe because the results look so good? It s a good way to show the progression of results between two time periods.

Now that you've got a taster of how to make visualisations a whole lot better, go and buy Stephanie's book!