The Course

The Course is grouped into a few sections. You can complete them one by one from start to finish, or jump to wherever you feel you'll get the most value.


I've estimated the total time needed to complete all exercises, but they are broken into tiny little chunks so that you can do them during lunch breaks if you can't set aside time to do it.

The entire course should take about 10 hours or so to complete. That's:

  • 2 days at 5 hours a day

  • 2 work weeks at 1 hour per day, Monday-Friday

Excel Basics

(1 hr)

Even if you are already familiar with Excel, have a look at these exercises. Small tips and some additional basic knowledge will help you countless times over.

You'll cover some of the most useful basics that every professional should know. They'll make your life a whole lot easier.

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Excel Intermediate

(1 hr)

After covering the basics, you'll learn more advanced, but simple, techniques.

You'll start really harnessing the power of the spreadsheet. Wow your colleagues, mildly impress your friends.

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Data Visualisation

(2 hr)

One of the most underestimated skills a data professional can have is producing good visualisations. Not necessarily flashy ones (as fun as those are), but being able to simply and clearly articulate information will put you on the road to meetings with the CEO and Directors, and put smiles on your clients' faces.

You'll learn how to generate data visualisations using Excel (and will never want to settle for ugly, confusing defaults again!)

Head off to the Data Visualisation in Excel section =>

Python Programming

(8 hrs)

" But I'm not a programmer!" - You

"Ah, but yes you are" - Me

By the end of this section (actually, by the middle of it), you will LOVE the Python programming language. It's relatively easy to pick up for beginners and has the power to do way more than you will ever use it for.

Python programming will SUPERCHARGE any existing and future data skills you have. Learn it, feel like god, obtain mid-level superpowers.

You'll learn how to set your system up, understand the basics of programming, manipulate files and spreadsheets programmatically and basically unshackle the power that's lying dormant inside your computer.

Your laptop and spreadsheets deserve to live their authentic selves!

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Get Professional


This short section will make sure you get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch.

Not got one? Then definitely do this section!

Don't underestimate the power of networks and sharing information to grow your career.

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Fuel Your Passion

It's really fun to immerse yourself in your passion.

This section will point you to more ways to fully embrace your inner (and outer) data nerd.

Videos, podcasts, blogs, data sets. It's all there.

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Broaden Your Horizons

There's so much cool stuff to learn, and you will never learn it all.

In this section, I'll try my best to point you to useful information of topical interest.

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