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This website is designed to help you choose your courses each semester and to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your academic experience at Kendall.

Every semester, you should consult with a Digital Media Faculty member prior to registering for classes. You have 10 elective courses and it is important to make informed decisions when choosing them.

The best way to stay on track and meet your graduation and career goals is to take courses in the order they are listed in the program plan sequence.

Feel free to contact any of your faculty with any questions on any topic. If they do not know the answer, they will point you in the right direction.

Advising Process Steps

Before you come to a session or meet with an advisor:

  1. Obtain a paper copy of your program plan from student services. Get it from the desk. It will have your classes recorded on it by the registrar. That is your official transcript of your progress towards graduation.
  2. Re-familiarize yourself with this advising website. Pay special attention to the recommendations for portfolio focuses.
  3. If you are entering your junior year, you should think about what kind of portfolio you will be building. The portfolio course arrays for program electives determine the type of portfolio you will build during your junior year.

2. Consider how many credits are you taking? To graduate in 4 years, you will need to take 15 credits per semesters or 12 per semester for Fall and Spring and 6 credits during the Summer.

3. Schedule an advising session with a full time faculty member or attend an advising session. There, you will receive advise regarding your eventual Program Elective selections and which courses to enroll in next.

4. Register on MYFSU ( > myFSU) If you do not know how to log into MYFSU, a faculty member or DLC work study can show you how.

Digital Media Full Time Faculty

Susan Bonner: Program Chair: Courses: Visual Development, Digital Imaging

Brad Yarhouse: Courses: 2D Animation, Imaging, Storyboarding, Thesis

Mike Dollar: Courses: Sound Design and Thesis

Bill Fischer: Courses: Interaction Design, 2D Animation, Thesis, Portfolio

Faculty Office: rm. 701-702