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Communication and Theater Association of Minnesota

PO Box 3050

Willmar, MN 56201

CTAM Listserv

The CTAM Listserv- This has been our main source of mass communication for years. Unfortunately, we have noticed that it hasn't been reaching everyone. Thank you to Dan Cronn-Mills for maintaining and managing this for decades! 

One of the reasons may be school email filters; another is using the wrong email address to send information.

To Fix:

With a personal email account, please 

To send to the CTAM list -serv:

(The above link is also how you can unsubscribe as well)


Sometimes, even with a personal email, it is not getting through. One way to fix that is to manage the settings and add ctam-l @ to your filters. This is gmail specific, but I am sure other platforms are similar.   

Go to Manage Settings- Filters and Blocked addresses- add the 

And subject (CTAM-L)  to your filters as important this will help it get to your inbox.