peace & harmony

In the stillness of this Eternal Now moment, as I bask in the light of the Most High, I know the unity and oneness back of all things. It expresses itself as the Peace of the One Light and Love, which is the very core of that which I am. I alight here, opening to and embracing the Peace that passeth all understanding. This peace pervades every fiber of my being, for I am the expression of Divine Life in the midst of peace. I claim my soul's home here. I am revitalized in this peace, for Your Presence within me is the very nature of me: peace and appreciation of this serenity. This Peace at the core of me never leaves me. I am ever able to touch it. It is mine. It is eternally and effortlessly present. I know in the Eternal Now moment, all is unfolding for my greatest joy and highest good for peace in my life. I give great thanks for that which is. I release it and let it be so now and forevermore, world without end. And so it is.

I know. I know there is only One; there is only one shared Humanity that flows beneath awareness like a reservoir of Life. It bubbles up and pours forth into my consciousness and that of each and every human being on this planet. This shared Humanity is innate, immutable, and equal. This is the Power and the Personality I called God, Spirit, and Source. And I know that this same Humanity resides in, through, and as each person in an individualized expression of what it is to be human: beautiful, unique, and precious.

When I know that this is so, there are only love and empathy for this individualized expression that comes to me as the people whom I know, the people whom I love, and all the people with whom I come into contact be it in person or by media. There is but one innate and immutable Humanity. Where there are only love and empathy, there can be only kindness, only compassion. Where there are only love and empathy and kindness and compassion, there is only peace. There is inner peace, reassurance in the resolute knowingness that I myself am each a beautiful, unique, and precious individualized expression of humanity. There is harmony in my interpersonal relationships, reassurance in the resolute knowingness that all whom I know and interact with are also beautiful, unique, and special individualized expressions of Humanity. And there is a certain and steadfast awareness of a great and lasting global peace because the one shared Humanity necessarily means the same potential for this transformational awareness of peace lies at the core of each and every human mind and heart on the planet.

I know that when my perspective is transformed by peace, my thoughts, my words, and my actions are also changed. The endeavors in which I expend our time, talent, and energies are resolutely focused on the furtherance of life, liberty, equality, and yes, ultimately peace. Peace of mind. Peace at home. Peace in my community. And peace that encompasses the globe. Gandhi knew this peace. Dr. King knew this peace. Countless others have known and continue to know this peace. And I know it. In this knowledge, I release my intention and let it go out into the one shared Humanity that unites all, knowing that those who are open to feel it will intuit it when they meet me. Those who are not yet ready for it can be open to it and will eventually open to the possibility of peace. When I know this—really know this--I know peace. And, releasing logos, the creative self-knowingness of Word into the Universal Mind, I know that this is already so. All is well in my world. And so it is.