[æfərˈmeɪʃən] n. count.

1. A positive statement used to firmly validate or assert as fact.

2. A statement of support, encouragement, or acceptance.

All our thoughts and utterances are affirmations. They reinforce and validate as subjective fact our worldview and cosmology. They are verbal guideposts that guide and shape not only our future thoughts and words but also our very behaviors; in this way, they become self-fulfilling prophecies by defining what we believe to be possible in our lives and in our world. Affirmations within the Science of Mind are therefore verbal touchstones to guide our consciousness into higher planes by releasing limiting beliefs, loosing the bonds of self-doubt and self-loathing, and healing our emotional wounds.

Effective affirmations are stated aloud or written in the present tense and in the declarative, which means they contain no negation (i.e., not or no). Like spiritual mind treatments, affirmations are best performed with a sense of ease either before a meditation session to allow the mind to alight on the affirmation or immediately following a meditation to drop the affirmation into the fertile soil of the subconscious.

cultivating metta for the self (self-compassion)

+ I am always doing the best I can and unfolding to my highest potential.

+ It is safe for me to love myself fully and completely.

+ As I learn to love myself, my life unfolds to greater possibilities and potentialities.

+ I accept my emotional wounds and I allow myself to return to perfect emotional well-being.

+ I am loved, loving, and lovable. Love surrounds me now and forevermore.

+ The love I have for myself is reflected back to me in every aspect of my life. I love myself.

+ God within me is love for myself. I honor the God within by taking good care of the treasure I am.

cultivating metta for others (loving-kindness)

+ I see the face of God reflected back to me in everyone I meet.

+ I radiate kindness and this I receive back, multiplied and folded over.

+ I am a friend to all embodiments of the One True Source.

+ All life is precious, unique, special. I love all life on the planet.

+ I have love enough for all life on the planet.

+ Deep within me is a well of love and acceptance that overflows and surrounds me.

+ Every interaction with others is a chance to love God.

cultivating equanimity

+ I am safe in the cradle of life and all the universe supports me.

+ Everything is working out for my greatest good and I am safe.

+ I am enveloped by safety and calm. All is well and I am safe.

+ I drink deeply from the fount of safety and security.

+ I am enough--I can meet all situations with poise, joy, and ease.

+ I find Center easily and effortlessly by closing my eyes and inhaling the richness and fullness of life. I am serenity.

+ There is an infinite fount of calm welling up from deep within me now. I am free.

+ I am free and guided in the here-and-now. All is well in my world.

+ I float upon the sea of life in perfect serenity. I am safe and free.

+ I am divinely guided and protected in every thought, word & deed.

+ God is peace within me. I accept this peace as the center of who I am.

cultivating prosperity

+ I have all that I need and my good is ever-increasing.

+ My income is always increasing.

+ I can have all I want because God is my Infinite Supply.

+ I drink deeply from the Ocean of Life.

+ I deserve all that I want because I am a beloved child of the Universe.

+ God is my ever-increasing supply.

+ It is my Father's good pleasure to give me the kingdom.

forgiveness & letting go

+ I easily forgive those I feel have hurt me. I know we are one.

+ I release the need to blame anyone and I am free.

+ I forgive myself. I know I was always doing the very best I knew how.

+ I forgive and I am free.

+ I easily forgive and am forgiven.

+ I let go easily of things of the past and welcome the new with open arms. I am free.

+ I let go of the need to control anyone else. They are free and I am free in this very moment.

guidance & inspiration

+ There is always only something more to KNOW. I can change my life by knowing Truth.

+ The light of God illumines me now and forever more.

+ The guidance of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

healing & health

+ I am perfect, whole, and complete in this present moment.

+ My body knows how to restore itself to perfect health.

+ Every cell and fiber of my being is the epitome of perfect health.

+ I am healthy, whole, and complete.

+ My body restores itself to perfect health and vibrancy.

+ Every fiber of my being is purified and made whole.

+ I am the perfect picture of health and wholeness.

+ Health and wholeness are mine by Divine Right.

+ My body knows how to be healthy, whole, at ease. I allow perfect health to surface now and forevermore.


+ I seek the face of God in every moment.

+ I manifest God Itself in my life in every moment. I choose to seek God now and forevermore.

+ I am Divinely guided by Divinity within me to find the Divinity about me.

+ God's perfect light illumines the world around me and is emitted from me.

+ I am learning all the things I need to know and everything I need comes to me in this Now moment.

+ All I need to know is revealed to me now and forevermore.

+ There is something I need to know and I allow myself to know it now.

+ I understand the Divine Patterning and allow it to lead me higher in my spiritual evolution.

+ My consciousness is expanding from the very core of my being; I know what I need to know and what I need to do.