prosperity & abundance

The abundance of this universe knows no bounds. I know that within this abundance, all around this abundance, keeping vigil over this abundance is the Eternal Creative Source. This Source is the font of all abundance flowing forth into manifestation as the blades of grass in the savannahs, the drops of rain in the sky, the grains of sand on the shore. It is within this vibrant, active backdrop of fathomless abundance that I am. I am fundamentally connected to this wellspring of abundance. I am inundated with this abundance, and it is for realization of this abundance as prosperity in my experience that I speak these words. God within me is the certain guidance of that still Voice. I am guided in each and every act I take into the deeper recesses of abundance. Divine Right Action leads me to security in all my affairs: activity in my vocation and finances cement my birthright as recipient of the bounty of the universe. It is my Father's good pleasure to provide for me every manifestation of abundance as prosperity to me, through me. The greatest and best for me means that I am well taken care of, Divinely compensated, and reassured that this is happening right here, right now, for I can never lose anything that is mine by Divine Right. I know with certainty that this is so. It is the Good awaiting me in every now moment. I give great thanks that this is the miracle of my life right here and right now. What a blessing. I entrust my word into the Law of Correspondences, certain in its evolution to follow its involution in mine own vision. It is done unto me as I believe it--World without end. And so it is.

I know that I have found the right way to be open and receptive to the possibility of abundance in the universe and of prosperity as an individualized experience of this abundance in my life. The way is open to me; the right setting and opportunity for this realization come to me on the chessboard of life. The right circumstances align with me in perfect synchronicity. Life is miraculous in the ways it brings such fortuitous happenings to me. I know that such miracles come in even the most casual of ways. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am ready right here, right now. I believe resolutely in my abundance as God made manifest in me, as me, through me, into my life. I know that everything I touch teems with the abundance of Life. My affairs are alive with Divine Circulation of this Life, pulsing and moving and unfolding as every good thing. I love Life and Life loves me. Gratitude overflows within me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I release my words, knowing that they are truth in my life even as I speak them. World without end. And so it is.

I know that all is One, and the totality of creation and the energy within and around this creation is the Source I call God. I acknowledge and affirm the presence and power of God in all. I know that I am one with God, one with the Source of all there is. I know and affirm that the prosperity and the vocation I seek is already mine, for I seek it to express an individualization of the creative impulse of Source Itself. I am open to and embrace my prosperity and my divine vocation, which are mine by Divine Right, now. God is; I AM. It is with a steadfast sense of gratitude that I embrace that which I already possess. I open my eyes to the revelation of this spiritual Truth in my life. I release. I surrender myself to Source. I let go, and I let God. Even as I speak these words, I know they are done unto me as I have believed. And so it is.

The abundance of this universe knows no bounds. I know that the Source of this abundance is the Eternal Mind of God. From this Source flows all of life. In the midst of this Source, I live and move and have my being. I, too, have come from this Source and was made in the likeness and image of It. Therefore, abundance flows to me, through me, as prosperity. I have everything I need. My prosperity shows up in my life as abundant income and the financial freedom to do what I want, when I want. My income is ever-increasing, for I know that God is all activity in my personal and financial affairs. The activity emitted from me attracts like activity, ensuring right circulation of energy. Divine Right Action leads me to security in all my affairs: activity in my vocation and finances cement my birthright as recipient of the bounty of the universe. I am so grateful for the prosperity that is mine by Divine Right. What a blessing. I release my word to the Law of Correspondence and know that it is done unto me as I believe--World without end. And so it is.

All Good I seek is God; God is all the Good I seek. God is the Source of all abundance, all opulence, all bounty. All life flows forth from this Source. I, too, am a treasure that has come forth from this One Source. Therefore, I am richly provided for, abundantly blessed, and prosperous. I am wealthy and secure in the freedom my wealth affords me. This is my birthright as a magnificent child of the Universe. I give thanks for the miracle of this truth. I let go and let God. And so it is.