light & guidance

a prayer for wisdom & guidance

I know there is but One. I know the sum total of creation and the lifespring back of all is the Source. I call this Source God. I recognize and I affirm the presence of God in all. I know that this One Source lives in through and as me even as within It I live, and move, and have my being. I know and affirm that because I am as a drop within the ocean and the Intelligence of the ocean is within the drop, I am Divinely guided, Divinely watched over, Divinely inspired with all wisdom necessary to see more deeply, to know more certainly, to acknowledge more resolutely. I am open to and embrace the Divine guidance and wisdom I seek, for I know that It is also seeking me. It is with a sense of joy and ease that I embrace the sense of gratitude at that which has already come to me. I open my eyes to the revelation of this spiritual Truth as it unfolds in my life. I release. I let go. I sink into the sure feeling that Source is within me and all around me. I let go, and I let God. Even as I speak these words, I know they are so. And so it is.

a prayer for clear vision

In the midst of this eternal now moment, in the presence of the Most High, I bask in the knowledge and awareness of the Ultimate Reality that is the all-in-all, God. All the bounty of a limitless universe is contained within the One. All the creation, all the abundance, all of life is seated within It. Its life is my life now. Therefore, my word has power over my perception of this Reality. I know that I am a spiritual idea in the Divine Mind. Any semblance of doubt, uncertainty, or worry are toppled by the white stone of faith. I free myself from secular thinking and bask in the steadfast faith that God is my portion and supply. I know that God within me is steadfast faith. It is my certainty in Divine Right Action at work within my affairs. Deep within me is the knowingness of the Spiritual nucleus, the kernel of Truth in each and every moment of my life. All facets of my life are the Divine Pattern, the game of life squared. This Divine knowledge is of God and is God, knowing Itself through me. Therefore, I open mine eyes to see with clarity that all is well, everything is working out for my highest good, and out of whatever circumstance, only good comes. The truth of my life is the Perfect Pattern, all of the God qualities humankind seeks: security in freedom of choice, abundance in spiritual and material things, love and health and joy. I know that I am enveloped by this perfection and that only Divine circulation of the right opportunities, people, and situations come to me now and forevermore. I am filled with thanksgiving that the Law works unfailingly, mathematically, with perfect certainty. I know my faith powers my word and sends it into the Law of Mind, which carries it out even as I speak. I entrust my thoughts to the Law and expect their manifestation instantaneously, with gratitude and excitement. World without end. And so it is.

a prayer for guidance

I speak this word for myself now. I know that God is a Guiding Light in all the universe. Infinite Spirit is always guiding me, ever leading me, forever directing me. I know that this guidance leads me in all that I think, say, and do in all areas of my life and for my highest and best. Thank you, Mother-Father God, for the privilege and ability to pray and to know beyond all doubt that the prayer is answered as I pray it. I release these words with an amen, knowing that they are done unto me as I believe. World without end. And so it is.

treatment for Divine Right Action

The Supreme Source is all there is. All there is is the Supreme Source made manifest. This Divine Action is all the love, the peace, the harmony of the universe, everywhere present and eternally now. I am what this Blessed Source is: God in the world. I am at one with Source's love, peace, harmony, and Divine Right Action. Now, I know this and live my life with this understanding. I live a life where I love and accept all as my highest good and greatest joy. Immediately, I recognize this Good, the truth of Source as a ceaseless shining light, expressing and revealing Itself in every being, all the same essence made individual. I speak this word, knowing that God emanates supreme love and peace and joy. I give thanks for this truth, this divine perfection of the word of god, knowing I am ever-guided, ever-directed, ever-guarded, ever-protected for my highest good and greatest joy. I loving release this treatment to the Law and let it be. I give myself over to the Divine Mind. World without end. And so it is.