Affirmative Prayer

All prayer gives us opportunity to interface with Universal Mind, the Mind of God. God is always available to us and everywhere present. This interface, therefore, is a shift in our own perception, an opening of our consciousness to the Oneness that is already there but to which we become blinded. Affirmative prayer as employed within the Science of Mind is termed Spiritual Mind Treatment. Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind provides a rationale for its form when he states, "We have no record of Jesus ever asking God to do things for Him; He gave thanks and then commanded the Law to work. This is the correct manner of approach to the Spirit and the Law. This is not superstition but the fact in the case, and we would better realize it" (p. 177). The Spiritual Mind Treatment is neither a supplication nor a theological debate with the Divine; rather it is a focal point upon which the conscious mind can alight even as it is a demonstration of steadfast and convicted faith in what is already playing out on the plane of Universal Mind and an expression of gratitude to the Source of all things that makes both prayer and its physical demonstration possible. In Spiritual Mind Treatment, "[w]e do not argue, ask, deny, nor affirm; WE KNOW" (pp. 177-178).

Contemporary Spiritual Mind Treatment comprises five (5) components:

  1. Recognition. Acknowledgment. We seek for a shift in perception through meditation upon the Universal Truth that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent; therefore, there can be no duality, no separation, and no otherness in the totality of creation. God is the All-in-All. All is God manifest.
  2. Unification. Centering. Flowing from this acknowledgment is an aligning of our own sense of identity with a knowing that, given that there is no duality, no separation, and no otherness (i.e., God is all and all is God), the one praying must also be part of the whole. As it says in the Acts of the Apostles, "For in Him we live and move and have our being (17:28)." In this component of Spiritual Mind Treatment, we center our consciousness on the fact that we are one with the Power that created us and therefore inundated with It.
  3. Realization. Here, we awaken to the truth through acceptance, embodiment, and wholehearted belief in the simple yet profound fact that all goodness we have ever sought or ever longed for is not only available and accessible to us but also already ours in the Field of Potentiality that is Universal Mind. It exists WITHIN us, AS us, and can only to come to us by coming THROUGH us. To paraphrase Emerson, we are the inlet to God insofar as the road inward reveals to us the Good we seek and an outlet through which Good demonstrates Itself as our lives. We know that all good is here and now in the Eternal Now because it already exists in this nexus of possibility. Our knowing that this is so and knowing that we know is what unlocks this and allows it to be demonstrated in our experience.
  4. Thanksgiving. Appreciation. Gratitude is generative: The more we practice gratitude, the more we get to be grateful for. Why is this so? It is because gratitude is practice in knowing and being secure in the sure knowledge that we have enough: that everything we need is provided and all is available to us by the Source of Eternal Abundance of the Universe.
  5. Release. Entrusting. When we truly know, it is easy to let go. It is easy to entrust ourselves to the Ocean of Life that is the Source of All. At this stage, we release our prayer into Universal Mind and allow the prayer to fall from the Field of Potentiality into the plane of the visible. We have convicted faith that it is already here in the Field of Potentiality and it can now be seen on the visible plane in which we experience our daily life.