I have been fortunate to receive free Vibrionics Healing training that uses energy healing to help people afflicted with more than 1,300 health problems. The best part is that it has NO SIDE EFFECTS! It is to be given free in the community we life in. Since I feel I am a global community member, I have decided to offer this service to anyone in the world. Free healing pills will be mailed anywhere in the world. NO CHARGE AT ALL. Everyone who would like to get involved, NO FINANCIAL DONATIONS, PLEASE. All you need to do is support good causes and people in your community and in the global stage, if you please. Try to live in truth, and by helping earth and all beings. Support green living, and limit the material desires.

So far I have been able to help people in Japan, USA, Singapore, Gambia, Ireland and India. I would love to add more countries. Since I am now qualified to get promoted, I will be allowed to hold healing camps independently so that is exciting.

Not all people are open to energy healing, so for them, I am sharing here herbal techniques and remedies that I have found in my research. I am a member of many FB natural healing groups and see many questions from people and share with them what I have learned. So, either herbal healing or free energy healing, I am open to assist them in whatever they prefer.

God Bless!



I have used Vibrionics energy healing to treatment myself and those around me, as well as around the world.


Ayurvedic medicines, tonics and herbal medicines were an integral part of natural healing while growing.


Food is actually the first medicine. Right food has helped me get rid of stones and bring health back to normal.

How I Keep Safe from Covid-19

I see the whole world up in arms about Corona crisis, and people should rightly be concerned. It has just proved that no one is above the divine law and justice.

I have been living in isolation since the start, more than a year locked up by the government that has no clue about the problem or its solution. It has been functioning under herd mentality riding the bandwagon.

I have not taken vaccines, nor will I for I have a simple solution that others might also consider. It is just a matter of simple science. We get enough clue by the preventative measures that have been prescribed the world over. Masking, social distancing, and sanitizing the hands frequently. If that is the preventative measures, I have used my own alternative to the concept.

The means of entry for corona is through the respiratory system and through our hands that are the most polluted part of our body. So, why not take measures to just protect the hands and then the respiratory organs so that the corona virus has no chance or entering and spreading? Well, I have been doing that, besides masking and without social distancing. If the virus cannot enter my body then I have no reason to worry, right?

So, the first thing I have done is make the hand and face inhospitable for the virus and good for my lungs. There is this Ayurvedic concentrated oil called "Sancho" and an alternate called "Bojo" that is used for cold couth, stuffy nose, rheumatism, fatigue, body ache, headache, neuralgia, sprain, itching and muscular ache. Just a whiff of it under your nose is enough for any breathing problems, so I just apply a finger tip of the oil on both nostril and wipe along the chin. Done!!! If the virus comes even near to my face, they will disappear like immigrants that spot the border patrol officers. Then I apply some of that oil in my finger tips so that they also become inhospitable to the any corona that might have a mind to invade my body.

Here is what this Ayurvedic oil looks like: It costs not even a dollar. I have used mine for two years and it is still not even half used. It is so strong.

The Second Preventative Measure I Use

That Ayurvedic oil is a great security to the door of my house, my body. Then there is another simple remedy, the immunity booster. During the pandemic I was blessed to receive a training to be a practitioner of Vibrionics, a divine treatment system based on energy healing that is constantly conducting research and coming up with miraculous cures for unbelievable problems and works in tandem with allopathic medicine. It consists of homeopathic glucose pills enthused with vibrations that are specific to each body organ and energy centers. So, the remedy looks the same for all ailments, but the vibrations are specific to the diseased organ. In response to the pandemic, the Vibro team has developed an Immunity Booster (IB) that strengthens the immunity of 18 body functions that are vulnerable to corona invasion. Since I am a practitioner myself, I have been taking it a daily single doze to prevent any infection. I even went to India by train in a 24 hour ride to get the remedy box called 108CC Box, to be able to serve humanity free of charge. Vibrionics can now offer remedies to more than 1,300 illnesses. It is available in 83 countries by practitioners who have been trained free of cost, and offer remedies in their communities free of charge as a form of service to humanity.


It is futile to fight amongst each other as vaxxers and anti-vaxxers., Both have their own valid points, but the crux of the problem is to allow for remedy based on both sides' beliefs. I find Ayurvedic oil, and Vibrionics IB enough for my own protection. No one can care for me more than myself, so I would not want government officials with their own dubious agendas trying to rule over my body and decisions for myself. Sancho, Vicks and IB has worked for me, and IB has even had a miraculous cure on my patients (Read the case study of Muscle tear from Nepal). So for people who are not comfortable with vaccines, they can try what I have been doing. Hope it helps remove dissatisfactions and escalating conflicts.



For more information please send email to


1) How to store Vibro pills?
  • To protect contamination from radiation, keep them away electronic equipments such as cell phones, microwave ovens, computer, laptops, etc that give off radiation.
  • Do not touch with hand or metal objects or store in them. Use plastic container and spoon.

2) How to prepare the remedy?
  • For a single person, put one small pill in 30 ml water, or for a family, mix 3 pills in 100 ml water. That should be enough for 6 days. Make new dose as needed.

3)How to take the remedy?
  • Put a spoon full (5 ml) of water under your tongue and swirl around with your tongue, then ask the universe to bless you and swallow.

#Note: Remedy can be made in boiled water after it is allowed to cool. It will last longer

What to do in case of Covid-19 Patients?
If the person is infected already or is showing the signs
  • Add 3 pills to 100 ml water and then give a spoon of dose every 10 minutes for an hour, upto 2 hours, if needed.
  • Much relief will be felt
  • Then for 2-3 days give 5 doze per day, every 2 hours.
  • Patient should be well in 3-4 days.

If a family member is taking the Covid-19 remedy, it is advisable for other members in the family to take a single doze every day at a preventative measure.
It is based on the idea that everything in the universe is energy, hence our body also has energy centers and a balance. When that balance is lost due to pollution from the environment, thinking patterns, genetics etc. disease set in our organs. Vibrionics is the process is the restoring the vibration of the diseased part of the body or any organ. Developed by the homeopathic and allopathic physicians, this healing uses homeopathic glucose pill charged with the appropriate vibration.
> Quickens the healing from allopathic medicines.> No chemical substance > No side effects > Healing at the causal level> Heals mental and emotional problems> Appreciates all healing technique, but when all else fails, this is the last resort.

What I use daily to stay safe


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Muscle tear 03601...Nepal

In Aug 2018, a 52-year-old woman had a motorcycle accident. Her right elbow banged against the gravel on the ground. As the arm pain increased over the next two days, she had an x-ray done, this showed no fracture but the doctor diagnosed a tear in the muscle near the elbow. She took the prescribed medicine and used the ointment for one month. This gave her 50% relief from pain but she had difficulty lifting heavy items in the kitchen. In Oct 2018 the pain aggravated, she opted for a herbal remedy and massage which helped, so managed her life with occasional pain. In June 2019, the pain increased again and she could not lift even half a kilogram of vegetables. Her doctor gave an injection which gave some relief but it was only temporary as the pain resurfaced in Nov 2019. She decided to take herbal treatment from a traditional healer, this seemed to work. During the Covid-19 lockdown as she had difficulty in commuting she could not continue this treatment and the pain spread to her right shoulder, neck and part of the upper back, she had difficulty in bending her neck. On 9 Aug 2021, she woke up with unbearable pain and planned to visit her doctor. The same day she received Immunity Booster (IB) from her brother who had just qualified as anAVP; she took one dose that night. The next morning, miraculously her pain completely vanished! On 15 Sept 2021, she received from her brother the following remedy for her chronic condition:CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC20.1 SMJ tonic + CC20.2 SMJ pain + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.7 Fractures…BDShe also continued to take IB at OD. After one week, she was able to carry 5-6 kg bag of vegetables and after two weeks, a 25 kg bag. She could carry out all the household chores without difficulty. From 15 October, the dosage was gradually tapered down to OW over the next one month. As of Dec 2021, She continues the maintenance dosage of OW, also IB at OD; she is absolutely fine with no pain.


Herbal Medicines for Cold and Fever

Helpful in combating the effects of Colds, Sore Throat, Heartburn, indigestion, Dehydration and other symptoms related to colds and fevers.A traditional herbal medicine that has no bitter taste.

Herbal Antibacterial Cream

A variety of skin infections caused by fungus. Dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, skin allergies, hand and foot tinea, foot odor, itchy feet, tinea corporis, tinea versicolor, psoriasis, mosquito bites, acne, blisters, peeling, skin pruritus, Intimate Pruritus Dermatitis...

Herbal Diabetic Patches

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Using in daytime, better removing it before going to bed.

Just in case you would like to try Vibrionics free remedy, you need to fill in the information listed below and find a Vibrionics Practitioner near you, and contact one. I have information on a practitioner in New York, Japan, Dubai, Gabon and UK with me. Others can be found out.






*Contact No.:

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(* Mandatory details)

Chronic symptoms, duration, and cause:

Acute symptoms, duration, and cause:

Other Details & Observations:

Family History: (what illness are there in the parents)

Past/Present Treatment:

Medical Report readings:

Lifestyle (How stressful):

Existing food habits:

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Water intake per day:

Others (sleep etc):

Remedies for following categories of ailments:

  1. Animals and Plants

  2. Cancer and Tumors

  3. Circulatory System

  4. Digestive System

  5. Ears

  6. Endocrine System

  7. Eyes

  8. Female Organs

  9. Fever and Infections

  10. First-Aid and Infections

  11. Head

  12. Immune System

  13. Kidney and Bladder

  14. Male Organs

  15. Mental and Emotional

  16. Miasms

  17. Miscellaneous

  18. Nervous System

  19. Respiratory System

  20. Skeletal, Muscle, Joints SMJ

  21. Skin


Another very pragmatic feature of Vibrionics Healing is the Broadcast Healing that can be offered by the Senior Vibrionics Practitioners to people in any part of the world. After being a practitioner, my very first case was to seek broadcast healing for a patient who was about to die. The result was miraculous. Now a young lady in Africa is being given broadcast healing for her HIV.