The benefits of becoming a CLTA-OR member include, but not limited to:

  1. to receive teaching resources, information about job openings and conferences through Google Group;

  2. to attend CLTA-OR workshops (with PDUs) for free;

  3. to apply for and earn CLTA-OR Professional Development Award;

  4. to nominate students in your school to earn Oregon Outstanding Achievement Certificate in Chinese Studies and Artworks;

  5. to submit your students' works to the “Selection of CLTA K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works” ;

  6. to attend statewide teaching competition;

  7. to elect members to the Board of Directors;

  8. to be nominated and elected as a board member (after 3 years of continuous CLTA-OR membership)

CLTA-OR Study Awards.pdf

1. Who can join CLTA-OR?​

CLTA-OR is comprised of scholars, teachers and college students in Chinese language, linguistics, literature, teaching program, and other related areas, and those who are interested in the above fields may join the Association.

2. Are membership dues tax-deductible? ​What period do these dues cover?

Yes, the membership dues are tax-deductible, but non-refundable. Membership on CLTA-OR expires on September 01 every year.

3. Where is the application form? How can I join CLTA-OR? How do I pay for the membership dues?

​​ Here is the form. You may download, print, complete, sign and mail it out. You can also fill in the Google Form. Please check with to make sure it's well received.

There are two options to pay for your membership dues:

1) Write a check (payable to CLTA-OR, with your name on the check) and mail it with your application form to: 2501 Country Club Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Attn: Cilei Han.

2) You may also pay the dues in person if we get together in a CLTA-OR activity.

更多培训、工作和会议信息经由 Google Group 和 WeChat "俄勒冈州中文教师群" 发布,请联系 申请加入联系列表。