CLTA-OR Awards

CLTA-OR is establishing a platform for Chinese program students to demonstrate their language achievements. This award is to recognize the outstanding efforts and proficiency of Chinese language students in K-12 public, private and charter schools.

Students are selected at the rate of 50:1 from participating schools and present the highest achievement in their grade level. Please read emails in March and nominate your amazing students and yourself!

CLTA-OR Professional Development Award

Oregon Outstanding Achievement Award in Chinese Classroom Teaching

学会每年三月向注册会员发布各类奖项的申请细则,请留意您的注册邮箱。欢迎大家带领您的学生积极参与。更多培训、工作和会议信息经由 Google Group 发布,请联系 申请加入联系列表。