Speaking Topics


As a Speech-Language Pathologist and author, Cheryl brings over 30 years experience working with children and youth, as well as leadership skills developed as a CEO and entrepreneur. She has presented and run workshops for both children and adults to groups as large as 500+. She is enthusiastic and engaging with children of all ages and also enjoys presenting to adult audiences (teachers, librarians). Cheryl draws on her background as an SLP to shape all of her author presentations.


Standard author visiting fees apply, including a travel fee if outside of her catchment travel area (GTA/York Region/Barrie).

When sending a booking inquiry, please give you organizations background and funding ability for author presentations at this time.

While a fee is customary for most presentations, Cheryl has presented free of charge to underprivileged groups and venues who may find author fees challenging.

*During COVID-19 quarantine, in-person bookings are not available. Online and in-person sessions now pre-booking for fall 2022. Payment due month prior to session provided due to preparation commitment. Cheryl donates one copy of each of the her novels to hosting school's libraries (request for copies should be made at time of session booking).


Cheryl's presentations can be modified to accommodate a variety of group sizes and/or to fit within current curriculum themes. She draws both on her background as a Speech-Language Pathologist and business owner as well as her knowledge and experience as an author to create custom presentations. Most of her presentations tie to her novel's storylines, themes and underlying messages, and she utilizes humor, slides and videos to engage her audience.

Various structured presentation and workshop themes are listed to the right. Cheryl is also available for simple book readings and author visits with a more relaxed Q & A format if a formal presentation is not desired.

When booking a presentation, an estimate of the number of attendees is required in order to support presentation planning. At schools where multiple grade levels will attend, more than one session theme may be suggested and separate age group groupings. Cheryl will be available for 30 minutes pre and post each presentation for book signing/sales, and all venues will receive two complimentary copies of her books for their library.

*Flip chart and markers is ideal for Grade 3-8 presentations.

*For all other presentations, a projector or wireless system compatible for a PowerPoint slide show is preferred.

*For online Zoom or other virtual presentations, no materials required other than interactive ability for students to raise hand/ask questions during virtual session. Online sessions still require an estimate of attendee size for planning purposes.


  1. Grades 3-4: modified version for younger audiences for either presentation A, B, or C Grades 4-7 listed below

  • includes more interaction and props to support engagement
  1. Grades 4-7, Option A: 45 minute presentation "Habitan - A Canadian Inspired Fantasy"

  • Discussion of the Canadian inspiration behind Habitan (animals, landscape, Cree Aboriginal background)
  • Reading by author from Habitan, Book1
  • Question & Answer session
  1. Grades 4-7, Option B: 45 minute presentation & workshop "Habitan, Book 1: Interactive Story Discussion"

  • Targeted at classrooms or groups that are currently reading, or have read, Habitan in their classroom. Based on current chapter # reached by host group, the author will tailor a reading from the book, followed by a discussion of chapter / story discussion notes regarding overarching themes, character challenges, story-telling tools. Close to a 'book club' format with author guidance
  1. Grades 4-7, Option C: 45 minute presentation, "Why Read?"

  • Discussion of why children should read, including motivating arguments that they can relate to and that dispute common barriers to reading
  • Reading by author from Habitan
  • Question & Answer session
  1. Grades 6-8, Option A: modified version of the "Story Telling" presentation created for grades 8-12 (see below)

  • Targeted at those classrooms with a unit focused on story-telling (tie to curriculum)
  1. Grades 9-12 (as fits your curriculum): two 60 minutes sessions over 2 weeks. “Flash Fiction – The Art of Concise Story-telling”

  • Drawing on her own experience and growth as a flash fiction writer (winner/finalist of multiple flash fiction & microfic contests across Canada, US & UK), Cheryl takes the students through the art of crafting the ‘short-short’ story & the lessons she’s learned from flash fiction.
  • First session is a lecture, followed by the discussion of writing prompts and an assignment to craft a flash fiction piece (coordinated w hosting teacher).
  • The follow-up session (1-2 weeks later as per preference) is a mini full class lecture building on the prior discussion, followed by one-on-one mentoring of the pieces created. Additional option of ‘Honorable Mention' pieces selected by the author (prizes awarded by author of journals/novels).
  1. Grades 8-12, Option A: 45-60 minute presentation "Self-Publishing in Canada - An author's experience with two different approaches"

  • Discussion of the creative writing process, navigating and understanding the publishing industry structure and pros/cons of various approaches (professional publishing, indie publishers, and self-publishing), and the role journals and magazines can play in a new writer's success
  • Question & Answer session
  1. Grades 8-12, Option B: 45-60 minute workshop "Stand Up, Believe, Be Brave - the Habitan message"

  • discussion of the ideals and inspiration behind Habitan. Themes touched on include self-motivation, courage, taking a stand for your own ideals, the power of imagination, and how all these themes tie into the challenges many youths face today (bulling, self-identity issues, stress overload)
  • Question & Answer session
  1. Grades 8-12, Option C: 60-90 minute presentation "Story Telling - Not just for English Class. The secret life skill that most successful CEO's and business leaders rely on"

  • Discussion of the power of story-telling from the author's perspective as a past clinician/SLP turned business owner & CEO turned author
  • Examples of great story-tellers who work in a variety of fields that teens might not think utilize story-telling, as well as examples from the author's personal experience using the power of story-telling to motivate and change employees' views and practices
  • Question & Answer session
  1. Grade 9-10 (or as fits your curriculum): 60-90 minute presentation "Story Telling: Why Does It Matter?"

  • An expanded version of Option C above to incorporate more specific English curriculum elements. First section as per Story-Telling presentation above. Then moves on to cover the structural elements of a good story, story 'recipes and formulas', Monsters, Villains & Heroes in stories, and the editing process. Cheryl can focus on one or more elements above as fits your current class unit
  • Question & Answer session
  1. Adults (teachers/librarians)

  • Various lengths available. Typical structure 30-45 minute presentation then more time for questions than with youth groups
  • Variety of topics, including:

a) "Literary vs Vocabulary: How Novel Choices Can Improve Reading Level Development."

b) "Why won't they read? Strategies to engage younger or struggling readers"

*please contact Cheryl with queries for other presentation topics