Creative Nonfiction

"Today, Your Secrets are Safe with Me"   READ for FREE on Reckon Review website

"If the Snow Never Melted"  READ for FREE on Longridge Review website

"My Shadow's Shadow: Memories of Before & After a Traumatic Brain Injury"  READ For FREE on SugarSugarSalt website (or listen to reading by author on Nightingale & Sparrow's website)

"Palm of my Hand

"I Lay Amongst the Stones".  READ for FREE on Glassworks Magazine website - pg 46 of linked issue

"Jane Doe, Myself & the Watcher's Goodbye" will post link to READ on Sonora Review website once released Apr 2023 online (will also appear later in print issue summer 2023)

"Walking Boys"    READ for FREE on SFWP website-Issue 30 Dec 2022

"When I Ran From Nothing" will post link to Amy MacRae 2022 Award for Memoir Anthology once available spring 2023

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