SYNOPSIS: Earth is a Playground, and humans are the Hosts. Living in a realm beyond earth, gods descend for three day Vacations, then take over the bodies and lives of their human Hosts through the act of Possession. They then enjoy all the pleasure and adventure that earth has to offer, but without the consequences.

There are, however, rules that Visitors to god’s Playground must obey. In the case of god #201, a repeat Visitation results in a struggle with these rules and his own existence.

Returning to the Playground to attend the funeral of his last Host, god #201 becomes involved with an Earthbound, Evangeline. She knows too much about the reason her boyfriend was murdered. When #201 agrees to help her, this decision sends them both on a high-stakes adventure. Soon #201 has problems of his own, as he begins to break the rules of the Playground and draw the attention of both the Controller and the god Police.

Original motivated by a godly wager he made back at his heavenly home, #201 attempts to manipulate and control Evangeline in order to win his bet. However, as they grow closer, his motives change, and his choices lead him down a path of self-discovery. On the run with Evangeline, #201 begins to learn more about god’s Playground and his own past. He starts to question what he’s always been told about ‘gods’ like himself, heavenly existence, the Playground, and their human Hosts. 

BACKGROUND & SYNOPSIS: Habitan grew out of the author’s bedtime stories for her two children and draws on her multicultural background that includes one-quarter Canadian Cree Indian/Inuit mix from her maternal grandmother. Her grandmother's spirit and grace were inspirational to the creation of this story and the use of Cree as the basis for the magical language of Habitan. The scenery and animals behind the story were drawn from the naturally varied and beautiful landscape of Canada. The author wanted to tell a story that had both a positive view of Aboriginal culture and highlighted Canada’s beauty while still providing an adventure story with fantasy elements based on that culture and setting that would draw in younger readers.

Habitan is a YA fantasy novel and follows three preteens on an adventure after they are magically transported to this new world. In Habitan, sorcery, magic, and powers of the mind abound. Animals talk, and the Spirit of the Woods is alive. The children join forces with three animal guides, encounter a wicked sorceress named Oskana, and embark on an adventure to discover their true heritage and destiny. This leads them on a path of self-discovery, as each finds their own inner strength. They face unbearable odds with determination and courage, standing up for what is right despite the possible personal costs.  


SEMIFINALIST 2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition - Feb, 2020-gods Playground International Competition for novels that could be made into movies or tv series. 2019 Jury was comprised of literary agents from The Gersh Agency, United Talent Agency, and 3 Arts Entertainment.

SECOND ROUND (SEMIFINALIST)-  2022 Launch Pad Prose Writing Competition -Dec 2021-gods Playground -

International Competition for novels with possibility of movie/television adaptation. 2022 Jury was comprised of literary agents, media rights managers, book agents and motion picture executives  from New Leaf Literary & Media, 42 Management & Productions, Sugar23, Grandview, Creative Artists Agency, Paradigm Talent Agency, The Lotts Agency, WME, Ladderbird Literary Agency, and Traction.

"...a unique and interesting concept: gods being able to inhabit humans as a vacation joyride. The plot really stood out to me...the whole concept of gods being numbers rather than all-knowing named entities as they're usually portrayed...his weariness in his god form...added to the lower-case 'god' and numbers, it all adds into the changed perspective versus traditional writings of gods...I'll definitely have to check out the next book."-Judge, 28th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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 QUARTFINALIST ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition  - Habitan

LONGLISTED  2019 Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards  -Aug, 2019-Habitan International Book Competition for Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. Entrants from over 25 countries.

SECOND ROUND (SEMIFINALIST) 2023 Launch Pad Prose Writing Competition -Sept 2022-Habitan -

International Competition for novels with possibility of movie/television adaptation. 2023 Jury was comprised of literary agents, media rights managers, book agents and motion picture executives  from

Fineman Entertainment, Amblin Partners, Echo Lake Entertainment, Talcott Notch Literary Agency, Anonymous Content, Curtis Brown Ltd, 3000 Pictures, Corvisiero Literary Agency, iTV Studios America, Bookends Literary Agency, Never Settle Media

"This is a fascinating, well-written book. There's a lot here that is unique. Achieving that level, as a writer, is a major step towards the big leagues." - SFWG

*Currently under revisions- will be Available again soon in paperback, hardcover & kindle at,, and paperback or hardcover at Indigo and Barnes & Noble  

"The author is a capable writer with a clear handle on figurative language. The storytelling unfolds at a clipped pace, with solid technical descriptions, lively scenes, and well-crafted dialogue.”

"Suma creates a unique and intriguing blend of sci-fi and crime elements, while also borrowing tropes from antihero-driven fantasy/horror stories."

*Sample of reviews, Habitan, Goodreads:

"This novel is inspirational in so many regards.... I describe Habitan as a hybrid novel with fantasy, action, and adventure elements. It is innocent, action-packed, refreshing, and a fabulous read. Habitan appeals to a broad range of ages. The plot and characters are well suited for the 9-12 age group. That being said, as an adolescent, I felt that I was really able appreciate the creative, yet careful diction and syntax. This novel certainly serves as a developmental aid to the imaginations, vocabulary, and language of the 9-12 readers."

"This book is a well-written and exciting adventure from start to finish. The story jumps right into the action. I would recommend this novel to anyone interested in the fantasy genre."

"I bought this book as a Christmas present for my younger brother but I had to read it myself and I have to say that it was an extremely enjoyable experience ...the twists and turns are exactly what (the author) promised her readers. One of my favourite aspects was how she drew on her Cree heritage for inspiration...."

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