"And the Wheels go 'Round and 'Round" READ for FREE on La Piccioletta Barca website

  • published (online) La Piccioletta Barca (Journal Issue 12, 2019)

"A Liar's Crescendo" READ For FREE on this site

  • published (online) La Piccioletta Barca (Journal Issue 16, 2020)

"Walking Boys"

"Were My Footsteps On Water, Would You See?" READ For FREE on Second Chance Lit website

  • published (online) Second Chance Lit- Issue 5 - Jan 2022

"4 poems"

"Alzheimer Island"

"How Did I Get Here?"

"I Forgot that He Was Mine"

"Let Me Count the Ways"

"Of Love's Ache"

"A Trip to the Art Gallery Breathes Shades of Tragic Blue"'

"Weariness in Flight"

"Healing the Heart WIithout Opening the Chest"

"Thousand Pieces"


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