Goldfields Piping Weekends

Past programs & guest tutors of Goldfields Piping Weekends in Victoria

2023: 11-13 August with a suite of local piping tutors. See here for all details.

2022: Portuguese and other international bagpipes with Joao Almeida, Castlemaine

2021: cancelled due to lockdown

2020: cancelled due to lockdown

2019: Reed making with Craig Fisher & Pat Lyons, Castlemaine

2018: Playing with other instruments with Andy Rigby, Jenny Newcombe & Angus Barbary, Castlemaine

2017: Renaissance and early pipes music with Matthew Manchester, Castlemaine

2016: Music from piping manuscripts with Matthew Horsley, Maryborough

2015: Pipe making with Bill Hart, Talbot

2014: Drone reed making with Pat Lyons, Talbot

2013: Pipes songs with James Rigby, Talbot

2012: Pilot weekend, Castlemaine