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Useful Links for Learning

The Northumbrian Pipers' Society (UK)

Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator

Northumbrian Smallpipes (UK) with Richard Butler

Northumbrians and Pipers (UK) - Malcolm and Susan Craven promote a range of traditional music initiatives in the North East of England

The Lowland and Border Pipers' Society (UK) - a great group of piping enthusiasts

Alternative Pipers of North America (USA) - another great group of piping enthusiasts

The Smallpiper Podcast (UK) - the blogspot of piper Vicki Swan, including tunes and tips

Tutor for the Scottish Smallpipes (UK) - by Vicki Swan

David Daye's Bagpipe Page (USA) - instructional material

Irish Warpipe (Ire) - a website devoted to the two-drone Irish Warpipe

Irish Warpipe (USA) - information and events

Na Piobairi Uilleann (Ire) - Society of Uilleann Pipers

Uilleann Obsession