Pipes Loan Scheme

Celtic Piping Club has several practice sets of uilleann pipes which are made available for beginner pipers to hire. Additional sets of pipes will be purchased in the future, including Scottish smallpipes.

The sets of pipes currently available for loan are practice sets of uilleann pipes which includes the bag, bellows and chanter only (no drones or regulators) and are supplied in a case for protection.

The cost of even a reasonable set of pipes, particularly uilleann pipes, can often be a barrier for beginners who are interested in learning the pipes. The CPC Pipes Loan Scheme was set up to address this issue and offers an accessible pathway for people to start learning the pipes before committing to buying their own set, or covering the waiting period while a new set is commissioned or a used set is located. Pipes are loaned for up to twelve months, after which time they are returned so another prospective piper may access them.

Pipe Loan Package

The items on loan include:

  • Pipes in playable condition

  • Pipe case

  • Tutor book (as available)

Pipe Loan Rules

The conditions to loan the pipes are simple:

  1. Pipes are loaned for a maximum of twelve months.

  2. The hirer must carefully look after the pipes and any other items loaned in the package, and must return all items in the same condition as loaned. The hirer must only adjust reeds with express permission from the Celtic Piping Club.

  3. The hirer must be or become a financial member of the Celtic Piping Club Inc.

  4. The hirer must seek regular lessons from an established piper. We can direct prospective beginners to suitable pipers. Lessons held online with a teacher may be available for those in remote locations or have no suitable pipers nearby.

  5. A security deposit of $200 is payable prior to loaning the pipes. At the discretion of the Celtic Piping Club, this will be refundable upon return of the pipes unless significant or costly repairs are required to return the pipes to playable condition.

  6. A non-refundable rental fee of $100 is payable prior to loaning the pipes.

Contact us for more details.