About the Club


Celtic Piping Club is the hub for Australia & New Zealand’s piping community. It provides a network for people who play or are interested in the various types of Celtic pipes including uilleann pipes, Scottish smallpipes, Northumbrian pipes, Border pipes and other bellows-blown or mouth-blown pipes.

The Club supports a range of regular activities and initiatives including the annual residential Goldfields Piping Weekend, International Uilleann Piping Day activities, regular newsletters, a pipes loan scheme and online resources & connections.

The club was initially co-founded and managed by Geoff Jones and Sarah Wade, formally launching in June 2013. Since 2016 it has been an incorporated society.

Aims of Celtic Piping Club

  • to generate opportunities for individuals and groups to play or experience Celtic bagpipes;

  • to develop community and fellowship around appreciation of Celtic bagpipes and music;

  • to encourage the study, practice, performance and development of the musical repertoire; and

  • to promote the development of Celtic bagpipes and piping in Australia.

Key objectives of Celtic Piping Club

  • to develop and promote a program of piping gatherings and events, e.g. sessions, concerts, guest players/makers;

  • to facilitate and encourage tutoring/learning opportunities;

  • to provide piping resources including online information, music & reference books, pipes for loan or hire, and membership of allied organisations;

  • to maintain a database of participants/members; and

  • to distribute regular communications regarding Celtic piping in Australia both to members and the wider piping community.