Lectura de vocabulario

Lectura de vocabulario is a collection of picture books, intended to help kindergarten students with Spanish vocabulary acquisition and to practice early reading skills. There are two levels in this collection: Blanco letras and Blanco sílabas. Also, there is a kindergarten diario booklet for practicing writing at home, which a parent needs to sign daily.

Book Recordings

The Lectura de vocabulario books have digital audio recordings to accompany them. In the recordings, the books are read twice by three native Spanish speakers, each with different accents. Repetition is one of the recommended approaches to learning to read and acquiring Spanish vocabulary.

Below are links to the Blanco letras and Blanco sílabas recordings. Some letters have multiple books (e.g., the Blanco letras series has separate books for G fuerte and G suave). Double-check that you are playing the correct audio recording for the book you have.

Also, CDs with the recordings are available for check-out from Círculo de lectura for as long as your child is reading this collection. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.


Blanco letras can be used to help students practice letter identification and sounds. Blanco sílabas can be used to help students practice syllable sounds. Since the Spanish language is based on syllables, an important foundation for reading in Spanish is mastery of syllable sounds; this is one of the goals for kindergarten students at CCE. Círculo de lectura has developed a list of home activities that you can do with your child for the two blanco levels (linked above). 

As parents, it is important to keep in mind that most kindergarten students will not be able to read the books in this collection independently; therefore, your involvement in daily reading is especially important. Spanish words have multiple syllables and beginning readers may not have the ability to successfully sound out the words. In addition, unless your child is a native Spanish speaker, he/she will not have the context for "guessing" the vocabulary word as he/she is sounding it out.

Please note that there is a lengthy poem at the end of each of the books. We recommend that you skip this poem unless you are a Spanish speaker, in which case you may wish to read the poem aloud to your child.