R a c h e l' s B e e B i o

From the time she could toddle her grandfather who ran an apple orchard pollination outfit out of Northeastern Washington State had her help him. She learned at an early age about the biology of honeybees and how they function in relation to their environment. Her grandfather gave up his operation and moved to town when she was sixteen.

From the time I could toddle my grandfather had me help him in his apple orchard pollination outfit.

Rachel kept a hand in beekeeping even while she pursued a degree in Environmental Science she worked with beekeeping outfits in Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California. After completing her first degree she took a hiatus and turned her hand to other things. Rachel returned to her roots in apiculture and co-founded Capitol Bee CARE LLC, The Bee CARE Institute, and World Bee CARE. The common thread for all three organizations is a research based approach to promoting the well-being and proliferation of Apis Mellifera, and pollinators in general.