We need honey bees….

You can help these Ecological Superheroes Survive

Support Local Honey Bees through these Unique Opportunities

B e e k e e p e r S u p p o r t

If you already have honeybees or you would like to keep honeybees but you need some help to keep them healthy and thriving, Capitol Bee CARE can help you with our on-site support services. Whether you prefer to have on site support as you go through the hive or if you find that you don't have the time or energy to maintain your colonies, Capitol Bee CARE offers onsite support to new beekeepers and busy beekeepers alike.

F u l l S e r v i c e C o n c i e r g e B e e k e e p i n g

Bees at Home

When Capitol Bee CARE places a hive at your location it will have an immediate environmental impact. Your hive can be doing good within days. You will have the benefit of a complete, all-in managed service and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making an difference. The sweet rewards don’t stop there. Starting in the second year you will also receive 24 jars of honey per annum from each hive you adopt that you can give as gifts to friends, family, and neighbors.

Enterprise Bees

As an ethical, sustainable eco-innovation business Capitol Bee CARE provides a solution for organizations to enhance their community engagement and actively demonstrate their commitment to the environment, local communities, and sustainable responsibility through our fully managed beehive service. Additionally, we help companies improve their green credentials.