Hire (or Adopt) A Hive (or Four)

Capitol Bee CARE will set up a colony in your garden, lot, rooftop, or other location. We will manage your hive on an annual contract. All you have to do is watch and listen to the bees, enjoy the honey, show your friends and feel good!

Sometimes it Takes A Village

If you sympathies with this ecological plight, but are hesitant about adopting a hive single-handedly, enlist other conscientious folks in your community to split the cost and share the satisfaction.

Magnify Your Impact

You can encourage your friends, family and followers to get out and do something good for the environment by sharing your fascinating honeybee stories over dinner, at the office, or over social media.

The Steps

Pick Your Location

We will help you decide on the optimal location to situate your hive to suit your needs and those of your bees. If you don’t have anywhere to put a hive you can have us place a hive in your name at one of our apiaries or even sponsor a school hive.

Installing the Bees

Our standard package includes all required hive equipment delivered to your site. We supply and install the honey bee colony and provide them with any support they may require to thrive until our next visit.

Routine Checks

Our beekeepers will visit on a routine basis. We visit the bees in response to their needs. How often we visit the bees depends on hive condition, time of year, and other factors. You will be notified ahead of time, the day in which to expect your beekeeper.

Routine updates will be sent to you (or your client) after each visit, regarding the status of the hive, the strength of the colony, and any disease or issue that we may have found.

Honey Harvesting

Honey harvesting can be done in a few different ways. You have the option of extracting your own frames, in which case the beekeeper will harvest (remove) the frames from the hive and leave them in a safe place for you to process. If you would rather have us extract the honey for you, there is either a modest processing fee or a 50/50 split.