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​Local Beekeepers Keeping Local Bees

Capitol Bee CARE llc is founded on the idea that preserving the honeybee and other pollinators is key human survival on the planet. Everything we do is research based.

Capitol Bee CARE is dedicated to identifying, isolating, and propagating characteristics that make our honey bees especially well suited to thrive, overwinter and produce in a climate impacted by global warming and in the face of the pests and diseases that contribute to colony collapse disorder.

Researching and caring for honeybees since 2006

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Annual Queen Survey

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. Your responses are incorporated into our ongoing research in the quest for bees that will survive and produce sustainably in our region.

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Buy Honey to Help Bees

Our primary focus is honey bee research. A wonderful byproduct of our research is honey and other hive products.

70% of all proceeded from our honey and hive product sales goes back into funding our ongoing research.

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​Show your clients that you care about the environment & the future of the honey bee.