WHAT do you need?

What do you want?

What do you dream of?

What do you wish and hope for?

What is important and What not?

When we are talking about people, we always talk about the time, the place and the setting or situation.

Knowing whatabouts is helping people to understand the situation, the possibilities, the circumstances and the thing that is needed.

Sometimes it is important to know WHAT is not, in other circumstances it is more important to exactly know WHAT is.

If we focus on the current situation, the possibilities to change and the things needed to create this change,

The WHAT is very important to make the step by step planning.

Knowing exactly WHO is WHERE and does WHAT is essential in daily-lifes-work.

The difference between WHAT is or WHAT isn't is that things are needed or aren't.

Example : Life without a mobile phone can be more fun but also more stressfull.

What will be the reason to have more fun but also more stress?

Example 2: With more money people will have less difficulty to solve their own problems.

Knowing WHAT exactly -will be the solution in a position of too less, enough or too much.