HOW is about the way things happened, are happening or will be happening.

HOW is the answer to all the circumstances and the reasons why explained.

Step by step, HOW explains the facts, the figures, the quantity of things

and the way it changed.

How you live has an impact on how your future will be.

How you eat and knowing how to prepair your meal is essential.

How people did meet eachother and know eachother is important and lead to stories worth sharing.

How things change, can only be understood by knowing what changed by what cause and effect.

How things can stay the same or always come back into the same state of being is essential to know.

Accepting the way the things happened starts with wanting to know the real HOW and sharing your own motivations.

HOW did someone get an idea, to do the things they do now and HOW will this effect the future?

The past and future are always about the changes. Knowing the HOW is important for the NOW.

FOCUS ON HOW THE NOW WILL BE CHANGED and somehow you will get the answers from the past to see a brighter future.

Four Types of Questions