Papua New Guinea 1982

By 1982 Camel Trophy had attracted interest from a number of other countries and was well on the way to becoming a truly international event. For the third Camel Trophy, two teams from Holland, Germany, Italy and the United States participated.

The location selected was the island of New Guinea, lying to the north of Australia, or more precisely, the eastern half of the island, Papua New Guinea. Covering an area of more than 460,000 square kilometres with a population of 3.5 million people made up of approximately 700 different tribes, this was an ideal Camel Trophy location: vast, sparsely populated, remote, exotic, challenging and tough.

However it was felt that the new international make-up of the event and the increase in team numbers required a greater element of competition than previous events. "Special Tasks" were introduced for the first time, albeit in a fairly limited way.

After Range Rover's excellent performance in Sumatra in 1981, the decision was made to use them again for 1982, forming a partnership with Land Rover that was to last nearly twenty years.

The eight teams tackled a potentially hazardous route along remote colonial trails from the mining settlement of Mount Hagen to Madang on the west coast. Teams were tested day and night by the extreme conditions of climate and terrain, with progress ever impaired by tracks washed away by mud slides, raging rapids, tricky river crossings and localised flooding. Many a night was spent building bridges and repairing roads on this tough expedition.

The winners of the first international Camel Trophy were the Italian pairing of Cesare Geraudo and Giuliano Giongo with Germany 1 as runners-up. At this stage there was no separate award for the Special Tasks.


  • Team Vehicles: Range Rover V8 petrol 3-door

  • Support Vehicles: Range Rover V8 petrol 3-door

  • Distance: 1,050 km

  • Number of Teams: 8

Participating Countries

  • West Germany 1 - Werner Weiglein & Peter Reinhold

  • West Germany 2 - Franz Murr & Wolfgang Eggers

  • Holland 1 - Hans Bronsgeest & Ernest van Arendonk

  • Holland 2 - Willem de Bruyn & Hans Prudon

  • Italy 1 - Cesare Geraudo & Giuliaro Giongol (Camel Trophy)

  • Italy 2 - Giorgio Landi & Lorenzo Loreti

  • United States 1 - Robert Comstock & Paul Haven

  • United States 2 - Bob Peters & Ken Arnold