40th Anniversary Reunion

Nearly 200 people and over 50 vehicles were lined up to attend CT40, the 40th anniversary reunion at Eastnor Castle by invitation of Land Rover Experience.
Sadly, the COVID pandemic prevented the huge event in person, so instead we produced commemorative memorabilia and held a weekend of virtual interviews and Q&As.  Four of the interviews are available to watch on our YouTube channel...

Camel Trophy Chat episode 1: What it takes to be selected for Team UK
Team UK's Tim Postgate tells us what it takes to make it through selections to represent your nation in "the Olympics of 4x4". 

Tim should know.  After participating in Camel Trophy Guyana 1992, Tim returned to join the selection panel choosing the next generation of Camel Trophy participants.

Join Tim on the 1400 kilometre journey from Manaus to Georgetown through the Amazon jungle.  A tale of chicken, cocaine and Polo mints...

Camel Trophy Chat episode 2: Camel Trophy is not a race... So what is it?
Team South Africa's Paul Leslie-Smith: adventurer, mountaineer and record-breaking skydiver who has two Camel Trophy events under his belt.

We seek to get to the bottom of the question, "what makes Camel Trophy special?" 

We also ask the crucial question, "which is better: Discovery or Defender?"

Camel Trophy Chat episode 3: From Outer Mongolia to the middle of the Pacific
Camel Trophy took mountain biker Karen MacDonald to Mongolia, Patagonia and the Pacific... and she smiled all the way.  Count the number of times she says the "F-word"... FUN! 

Karen takes us along on her journey.  It may be twenty years ago but she is still smiling.

Camel Trophy Chat episode 4: Four guys in a four by four
Bob Ives (Team UK, Amazon 1989), Geert Blondeel (Team Belgium1991), Slawek Makaruk (Team Poland 1991) and Duncan Barbour (Camel Trophy coordinator) reunite to discuss what it was like to be part of Camel Trophy for multiple events.

We hear about gearboxes, black cotton soil and flesh-eating fish in Camel Trophy Tanzania Burundi '91 and learn what what really happened at the closing ceremony...

Watch the video and be transported back to a historic adventure in East Africa nearly thirty years ago.