Camel Trophy Club

Camel Trophy Club is an active association of enthusiasts, owners and Camel Trophy participants. The club is open to anyone interested in Camel Trophy. Administered from the United Kingdom, the club is truly international with members and events in many countries.

Since the last Camel Trophy event took place in 2000, it is now our job to keep the spirit of Camel Trophy alive.


Camel Trophy motto

The club has gone from strength to strength since being formed by Neill Browne, Pete Sweetser and Pantelis Giamarellos. The club is a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs and organises a number of high profile social activities and non-competitive driving events. Many feature the attendance of Camel Trophy participants and act as reunions for friends who may not have been together since meeting in a far flung corner of the world. We aim to recreate the spirit of fellowship and international cooperation that was uniquely Camel Trophy.

However, the club does more than just organise events. The club has become the foremost centre of Camel Trophy knowledge and the world's number one resource for Camel Trophy enthusiasts. Our archives currently hold hundreds of videos and tens of thousands of official photographs of Camel Trophy events and pre–scouts.

Through the club, members can benefit from knowledge and sourcing of ex-Camel Trophy vehicles, parts and servicing. There is also the opportunity to acquire ex-Camel Trophy equipment and memorabilia, often accessible to club members before it reaches the competitive open market.