Tracy High Soccer

Boys and Girls Soccer • Spring 2020-2021 (season adjusted for Covid-19)

The CIF has tentatively moved both boys and girls soccer to the spring for this school year. If we have returned to school, there will be an informational meeting in January for those interested in trying out for soccer.

Boys soccer will not begin conditioning until after winter break. Check back here for details. Contact coach Perry ( for questions about girls soccer conditioning (which will also likely begin after winter break).

In order to participate in weight training, conditioning, or tryouts, the following must be completed:

  • Online Registration with Family ID (usually opens in September). Players who participated in a prior sport must register again for additional sports.

  • Physical Exam - A physical exam must be current within the past 12 months and signed and dated by the physician. You can upload your physical online or turn it in to the Maria Arce (athletic secretary). If the student’s physical expires during the season, they will not be able to play until a new physical exam is received.

  • Players must have proper equipment (cleats, shin-guards, etc.).

In order to play in games, you must also fit the following criteria:

  • 1st semester grades may not have any “F’s” cannot have more than 1 F and you must have a GPA of at least a 2.0. Players will be grade checked as both 1st semester and 3rd quarter grades affect eligibility during the season.

  • Saturday school hours need to be below 16, so any hours will negatively affect players chances of making the team.

  • Tardies for each quarter must be below 15.

Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer teams 2019-2020

Photo taken by Andy Fuller

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Important Dates (2020-2021)

  • TBA - Boys Informational meeting in Coach Kalis' room (A107), JV 3:15pm, Varsity 3:30pm

  • TBA - Girls Informational meeting in Coach Kalis' room (A107), JV 3:15pm, Varsity 3:45pm

  • TBA - Mandatory conditioning, 3:30-5:00pm at the grass field (FamilyID and Physical must be completed to participate)

  • Monday, February 22nd- Tryouts begin (time and locations TBA on the calendar)

  • First games in March

  • Playoffs conclude - End of May

Listen to the morning announcements or check back here for specific dates, times, and locations.

Boys, Girls, and THS Calendars (combined)

Each player is required to help out at one game this year (setup, breakdown, ball people, etc).

(Helper schedule will be posted here)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am new to playing soccer, what do I need to do to try out?

A: Get at least a 2.0 GPA for the 1st quarter, get a physical, upload your insurance information to FamilyId and show up to tryouts. You can check the status of your FamilyID here: (coming soon).

Q: What do I need to bring to conditioning or tryouts?

A: Players will bring both running shoes and cleats to conditioning. Players will bring cleats and shin guards to tryouts. Players will wear appropriate clothing and bring water to both conditioning and tryouts.

Q: What do I do if I want to play multiple sports at Tracy High? What if the sports I play are the same season because of Covid-19?

A: This season will be unique. Please communicate with your coaches are early as possible if you hope to participate in two sports that overlap. Coaches will work with players to try and accommodate requests during this unique school year. Note that players must register for each individual sport through FamilyID.

Q: What do I do if I am playing competitive soccer and the seasons overlap?

A: Players need to honor their commitment to their competitive teams while communicating scheduling conflicts with their High School team. Communication is the key. We will make every attempt to work with competitive players training and game schedules this season. Our hope is for the high school season to be a source of joy this year. This CIF has waived the rule about simultaneous competition for this school year. Players CAN play games for high school and competitive this year.

Q: How long will tryouts last?

A: The length of tryouts will depend on the number of players trying out and usually lasts about 5 days which typically include 2 rounds of cuts.

Q: How many players make the team?

A: Typically around 18 or 19, but anywhere from 16-23.

Q: If I don't make the team, can I still try out for another sport?

A: Communicate this concern to your coaches before tryouts. Typically this has not been a problem in the past and all sports have worked together to give potential players the opportunity to try out for a second sport.

Q: What formation do we play?

A: We play many formations. Players are expected to understand US Soccer's numbering system by position and their accompanying roles.

Contact information for Coaches

Boys Varsity

Phil Kalis


phone: 209-814-3774

Boys JV

Marc Wescott


Girls Varsity

Nate Perry


Girls JV

Phil Kalis


phone: 209-814-3774

Goalie Coach

Sarah Silvinson