CCESA Home Page

CCESA works to support the concerns of the paraprofessionals and secretaries as deemed necessary

by the membership, including addressing the board of trustees and administrative staff.

The objective of this association shall be to study and discuss the problems of the school support personnel

and develop a more efficient and professionally minded membership;

and to pull ideas toward a finer more valuable service to the school and community.

Meeting Info:

December 3, 2018 @ 5 pm

Christmas Party!

See ya at Scully's!

Thank You to our 2017-2018 Officers!

Lori Leal - President

Lisa Gonzales - Vice President

Laura DeLaGarza - Secretary

Linda Reyes - Treasurer

Joan McAfee - Parliamentarian


What would you like to learn/do

at a CCESA meeting?

We will hold regular meetings in

October, December, March and May,

but would like to hold the special meetings in

November, January, February and April.

We hope you will find something that interests you at one of these meetings!

Thank you for your help and ideas!!!

Top 10 Reasons to join CCESA:

10. To Get To Know Your Co-Workers

9. Snacks & Door Prizes At Meetings

8. Christmas/Holiday Social

7. To Help CHS Students With Scholarship Money

6. Training Ideas & Tips

5. Networking

4. Fellowship

3. Belonging

2. Help The Community/Community Involvement

1. Finding New & Better Ways To Help The Students Of CCISD


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CCESA Meeting Minutes:

DATE: Thursday, August 30, 2018

PLACE: Central Office Board Room

The meeting was called to order @ 4:45 pm by President, Mimi Bordovsky.

There were 6 members in attendance.

There were no minutes read due to the secretary being absent.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Hannah Hamelwright.

Refreshments and door prize was provided by Central Office, JR, and Travis.

New Business:

Pecan sales will begin as of August 30th, orders will be due October 8th. Due to some items being more than what we can afford to sell and make a profit we will not be offering items # KK and # LL. These items are removed from the order form. Andi with Technology will post all the information on the CCESA website and electronic copies will be sent to each campus. Everyone present at the meeting was given forms and brochures. Joan will put the ad in the coming ups section of the Port Lavaca Wave. If you have any questions, please contact any of the following: Mimi Bordovsky, Lisa Gonzales, or Joan McAfee.

Mimi mentioned that FFA will be doing their annual Trunk or Treat at the fairgrounds pavilion in October (the Saturday before Halloween) and asked if we as a group would be interested in representing CCESA . Lisa and Mimi with be there so we would just need candy donations. Also, if you know of any other groups wanting to take part in this, please direct them to Mimi Bordovsky at JR.

Old Business:


Next Meeting: Monday, October 1st @ Central Office with another possible meeting in September TBA.

Refreshments/Door Prizes: Campuses will be contacted before next meeting.

Motion to Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.

Submitted by: Lisa Gonzales

CCESA Member of the Month

Adele Hamelwright

Central Office

I have been a member of CCESA since around 1996 or 1997. I have held one office or another for most of those years and have enjoyed it very much.

I believe in the mission of CCESA to represent it's membership and strive to raise money for scholarships, as well as to be of service to the community of Port Lavaca. I've watched as our organization has grown from just trying to raise money for scholarships to Seniors and continuing education students, to helping disadvantaged youth attend Prom, doing food drives for the Community Ministries Pantry, and helping with groceries, clothing, and supplies for families in need.

What an honor and privilege it is to be a member of this great organization!