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CCESA works to support the concerns of the paraprofessionals and secretaries as deemed necessary

by the membership, including addressing the board of trustees and administrative staff.

The objective of this association shall be to study and discuss the problems of the school support personnel

and develop a more efficient and professionally minded membership;

and to pull ideas toward a finer more valuable service to the school and community.

2018-2019 CCESA Officers

Noemi Bordovsky - President

Lisa Gonzales - Vice President

TBA - Secretary

Hannah Hammelwright - Treasurer

Joan McAfee - Membership

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5. Networking

4. Fellowship

3. Belonging

2. Help The Community/Community Involvement

1. Finding New & Better Ways To Help The Students Of CCISD

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Monday, March 4, 2019

4:30 P.M.

Central Office Boardroom

CCESA Meeting Minutes:

DATE: Tuesday,February 19, 2019

PLACE: C.O. Boardroom

The meeting was called to order @ 4:40 pm by President, Mimi Bordovsky.

There were 11 members in attendance.

Opening Prayer was led by Hannah Hamelwright.

The minutes were read from the Dec. meeting by Lisa Gonzales. A motion was made by Jennifer Camacho to accept, Linda seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Hannah Hamelwright. Linda made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and Alicia seconded the motion.

No refreshments and door prizes were brought to this meeting since it was a special meeting.

New Business

The Romeo and Juliet Project will be set for Saturday, May 4th. This is our 3rd year of sponsoring the Romeo and Juliet Project for CHS students. We have a couple (boy and girl) that we are going to help this year. The girl (Laura Grabenstein Salinas) goes to CHS and her date (Dylan Owen) goes to HOPE High. There was some talk of her moving, Alicia will verify that with her, so if that doesn’t work out we have another girl we can help.

Alicia will reach out to All About the Dress to see if they would be willing to donate a dress again. Lisa Gonzales will contact Jackson’s Photography for the Tux. Mimi said she will call Nails 1 for the mani/pedi, and also Amanda Gonzales about the flowers. Joan and Lisa have jewelry that she can have. Gwen said she would call restaurants about a gift card. Alicia suggested that we either put an ad in the paper thanking the businesses that donated towards this or sending them a card with a picture of the couple.

Joan sent out an email about the scholarships and anyone that has Seniors or continuing ed students this year needs to fill out the application and return as soon as possible since Renee Vesely at the high school was asking for this.

Refreshments and door prizes will be brought by everyone. Since some of the campuses have only 1 or 2 members, it’s difficult for them to be responsible to bring all the refreshments and door prizes, so to make it easier, if you come to the meeting, anyone with their last name beginning with A-L will bring food and anyone with their last name beginning with M-Z will bring a door prize. Then for the next meeting they will switch. Door prizes can be a $5 item.

Old Business:

Our Christmas party was held at Scully’s and even though there were just a few of us we still had a good time. The Adopt A Family went really well at all campuses. Everyone was appreciative for having made their Christmas a little brighter for their families. Mimi read a Thank You card from one of the students we helped at CHS. It was very sweet and sincere.

Questions and Concerns:

The subject of having T-shirts made with our organization was brought up for next year. Someone asked if we could wear them on Spirit day and if we could wear them for events like Trunk or Treat in October. Also, the Fair Association is in need of people to help with the ticket/entry gate. We were asked if our organization would be interested in working some shifts. This would be an event we could wear our t-shirts and a great opportunity for the community to see who we are as an organization and what we do.

There was also a question as to whether or not we would be recognizing our 2 retirees, Adele Hamelwright and Mary Lou Rodriguez. They have both been active members of CCESA for many years and we would like to thank them for all they did for our organization. We will recognize them and our end of the year banquet in May.

There was a Thank You card read from Andi Munsch son, thanking us for the scholarship given to him in May.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 4, 2019 @ C.O. Boardroom, 4:30 pm

Refreshments/Door Prizes: A-L food, M-Z door prizes

Motion to Adjourn: Martha made the motion to adjourn and Jennifer seconded the motion.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:20 pm.

Submitted by: Lisa Gonzales

CCESA Member of the Month


Jennifer Camacho

Jackson Roosevelt Elementary Receptionist

Thank You to our 2017-2018 Officers!

Lori Leal - President

Lisa Gonzales - Vice President

Laura DeLaGarza - Secretary

Linda Reyes - Treasurer

Joan McAfee - Parliamentarian