75th CAEOP Conference - Updated

74th Annual CAEOP Conference

December 2023 CAEOP Newsletter (Cover Page)

President's Message

2023 - 2024

Hola CAEOP members, friends, and family!

I, Elena Perez,  would like to introduce myself as your new CAEOP President.

A little about myself—  I love succulents and since we’ve been having a cooler summer, I have been quite busy planting in my backyard.  I receive much pleasure, peace and comfort growing plants and sharing them with family, friends and donating them for events.  I keep busy by volunteering with a few local organizations and love to participate in raffles!  This month, you’ll be able to find me at the Kern County Fair booth “Karmel Korn”.

I have been a CAEOP member for a few years and attended many conferences.  I have networked, learned and have had so much fun and memorable experiences.  I’ve assisted with hospitality, registrations and been the Promotions Chairman.  Now, I’m proud to be your CAEOP President 23-24.

I have been a longtime member of our local Kern AEOP.  I have held committee, board positions and was the President from 2021-2023.  I am a local girl and a product of Kern County public schools.  I’ve been in school business with Kern County Superintendent of Schools for over 26 years and I am a proud mother of two grown children.  

Our theme this year is “Explore your Possibilities with CAEOP 2023-2024”.

This year, with the assistance of my Board, we are planning to bring new opportunities for networking, recruitment and workshops for our members.  Keep your eye out for CAEOP 2023-2024!  We are here and as strong as ever.  I pray that you and your family are safe and healthy.  Thank you for your time and commitment to CAEOP. Check out our website for updates soon on our 2024 Conference.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  See you soon!  Respectfully,

Elena Perez

CAEOP President 2023-2024

CAEOP Election Candidate Statements

Dear CAEOP members,

Ballots have been sent to active/current members for next year's Executive Board. Here are their statements:

Jaquenette Green:

I am nervous, excited, humbled and honored to be a candidate for President Elect. I have been employed by Ontario Montclair School District since 2012. Starting as a Substitute Clerk, School Office Clerk, School Administrative Assistant and working my way up to Executive Assistant in the Special Education Dept in 2021. In 2015 I was honored with the classified employee of the Year award from OMSD. I currently hold an MBA from Brandman University with an emphasis on Human resources. I have served on my local Chapter OM-AEOP for over 9 years serving as President for 2 years and currently serving as the treasurer for OM-AEOP. My first CAEOP conference was in 2015 in my hometown of Pasadena, California. The conference provided me with coaching, education, enjoyment and lifelong comradery. I enjoyed myself so much that when I was asked to become a part of the CAEOP board, I jumped on it. It brings me great joy to be of service to others. “Give your hands to serve, and your hearts to love.”- Mother Teresa

The most effective way to lead others is to serve others. My purpose in life is to love and serve others and I would love to continue to serve CAEOP as being the President Elect of CAEOP.

Cheri Anderson: 

Hello, my name is Cherie Anderson and I have worked for Kern County Superintendent of Schools - KCSOS in the Alternative Education department for 17 years. My current position is Secretary II for Alternative Education. Outside of work, I take time traveling to see my grandchildren children. I have been a member of KAEOP for 3 years. My current position with the organization is VP of Membership. I have helped out a few of the committees with great delight. One of the committees is our annual Bosses’ Luncheon which is held in April. I am very thankful for the nomination of Vice President of Publications for CAEOP. In one of my organizations, I served as the Director of Public Relations. This position oversees all email blasts, updates on the website, announcements to the members, and setting up Zooms for members to join in on Special meetings Board meetings.  I am a very upbeat, enthusiastic person with lots of new ideas.  It would be an honor to serve as your Vice President – Publications for the next 2 years.

More statements to come...



Calendar 2023-24

Dates to be determined

Our Executive board is working diligently on creating new professional development experiences soon.

Our Mission

The California Association of Educational Office Professionals is a non-profit organization, 501 (c)(3), that focuses on providing professional growth and training programs for non-certificated personnel and encourages its members to grow professionally to better understand their role in serving public and educational institutions. 

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