CAEOP History


IN THE BEGINNING... In 1934, Superintendents from 157 cities were asked to recommend secretaries to represent their school systems for a proposed organizational meeting. Ninety-six secretaries responded. This effort was sparked by Louis Henderson Nelson who was active in the Philadelphia Clerical Assistants Organization. Since that exciting day in the spring of 1934, the National Association of School Secretaries - later changed to National Association of Educational Secretaries, now the National Association of Educational Office Professionals - has developed outstanding programs for educational office personnel.


On October 28, 1950, at a workshop for Los Angeles City Schools, Miss Edna Atkinson, President, presented information on behalf of the National Association of School Secretaries (NASS) (now known as NAEOP). After the workshop, Miss Atkinson met with Dr. Alexander J. Stoddard, Superintendent of Los Angeles City Schools, and they discussed the need to form an association in the state of California similar to the local association The Secretarial Association of Los Angeles City Schools (SALACS). Dr. Stoddard agreed to the idea and said he would support his employees in getting the groundwork prepared.

SALACS was thrilled with the idea and they busied themselves with the task at hand. Miss Atkinson had a goal in mind - NASS was meeting in Berkeley, California in July 1951 for their annual institute and she wanted the state association to be formed for presentation at that time. SALACS members formed a committee and appointed Dora Lord as chair. The committee included Mrs. Bettye Wells (a member of ACSA), Miss Evelyn Corbett (also a member of NASS Executive Board) and Dr. Stoddard as counsel.

On March 5, 1951, letters were sent to all County Superintendents in California telling them of the plans for a State Association of Educational Office Employees (SAEOE). The purpose and aim of the Association would be:

  • To promote professional interest in educational non-certificated positions;
  • To provide opportunities for individual training and advancement within the School systems of the state; and
  • To provide a clearinghouse for administrators and employees for ideas and methods which will result in a finer and more efficient service to schools and communities.

The letter also asked for County directories and lists of names and addresses of non-certificated personnel who might be interested in participating in this new Association.

The goal of the committee was to have the Association established with members and a Constitution by the time the NASS Institute started July 2, 1951. The University of California, Berkeley co-sponsored this Institute with NASS.

The response was tremendous and letters were sent out to all the names submitted telling them of the organizational plans and included an invitation to join the Association for the annual fee of $2. They needed to fill out the application, enclose their dues and they would receive in return a Charter Membership Certificate and a copy of the proposed Constitution of the Association for suggestions and direction. At the July NASS Institute meeting, California State Association of Educational Office Employees would ratify the Constitution.

By May 10, 1951, the Association had 110 charter members from all over the state.

In June 1951, the first issue of CAEOE's newsletter, "CALLIE Comes Calling", was printed and mailed to all members.

When NASS arrived at the Durant Hotel in Berkeley, California, June 29, 1951, charter members of CAEOE were there to greet Miss Atkinson and her group. All were filled with enthusiasm for the events that were taking place.

On Saturday, June 30, 1951, at 9 p.m. (in conjunction with the NASS Institute) an Organizational Meeting for CAEOE was held and was open to all members.

On Monday, July 2, 1951, at 7:30 p.m., the first official meeting of the CAEOE was held. The agenda read:

Presentation of Proposed Constitution

Election of chairman to carry on until the Election of Officers (as stated in the Constitution)

Appointment of Committees (as stated in the Constitution)

Invitations to be presented from areas of California who wish to extend the state Association an opportunity to meet in their city.

The Constitution was adopted as proposed, with one change - the word state was to be deleted - so the official name of the Association by ratification of the Constitution on July 2, 1951, was California Association of Educational Office Employees. Dora Lord remained chairman of the Association until results of the election were announced.

On July 4, 1951, CAEOE affiliated with NASS.

The September 1951 issue of CALLIE states The Charter Membership drive closed at 122.

The Nominating Committee consisting of: Evelyn Corbett, chair; Leila Robinson, Sybil Jamieson, Yvonne Ricks, and Annette Uehling, presented the following slate of officers:

President Elizabeth McKeown, Los Angeles; 1st Vice President Annette Uehling, San Diego; 2nd Vice President Betty Jane Powell, Sacramento; 3rd Vice President Elizabeth Hall, Alameda; Recording Secretary Dorothy Lawson, Los Angeles; Corresponding Secretary Doris Smith, Tulare; and Treasurer Evelyn Shipley, Los Angeles.

Area Representatives: Northern Area Sybil M. Jamieson, Eureka; Central Area Helen M. Thorp, Coalinga; and Southern Area Helen M. Fenner, Paramount.

On September 30, 1951, the first ballots of the Association were mailed to all members. The ballots must be returned by October 10, as the elected officers will be assuming their duties November 1, 1951.

The first annual business meeting of the California Association of Educational Office Employees was held February 22-24, 1952, at the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles. Charter President, Elizabeth McKeown from Los Angeles, served the Association from 1952 to 1953 during which the first CAEOE Affiliate was formed - Paramount Clerical Secretarial Employees. August 2-3, 1952, brought the CAEOE First Annual Summer Meeting" to Santa Monica City College. The registration form indicates the cost for this meeting was $5.50. This included registration, the banquet on Saturday evening, and the breakfast on Sunday morning. Lodging at the Hotel Windemere in Santa Monica for one night was $5.50 for a single, $8 for a double and $9 for twin beds. The first Annual Summer Meeting consisted of the business meeting and a panel discussion entitled The Role of the Secretary in the School - Community Life." Times haven't changed much

February 20–23, 1953, Sacramento hosted the first Annual Mid-winter Conference and business meeting at the Hotel Senator. Friday evening was registration and open house held at the headquarters hotel. On Saturday, presenters spoke on Styles for the School Secretary," Efficiency Exchange" and, Is Your Good English Showing, Madam." Elizabeth McKeown resigned as President to tour Europe and Betty Jane Powell of Paramount was elected as president of the Association from February to August 1953.

August 24-28, 1953, the third annual Business Meeting and Installation was held following the Work Conference where Annette Uehling was installed as president. This Business Meeting saw the formalization of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association which remain similar with the following exceptions in the Constitution:

Article IV: Officers

Section 1 - The Officers of the California Association of Educational Office Employees shall be President, 1st Vice President-Inervice, 2nd Vice President -Publications/Publicity, 3rd Vice President - Membership, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and three Area Representatives: Northern, Central, and Southern.

Section 3 of this article reads: The President, 1st Vice President, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years; the 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, and Recording Secretary shall be elected in the even numbered years. The members representing the central valley area, the area known as northern California, and the area known as southern California shall be elected annually.

Article VI: Meetings

Section 1 - There shall be two regular meetings of the California Association of Educational Office Employees each fiscal year, which shall coincide with the calendar year. Business may be transacted at either or both meetings; however, the meeting other than the summer meeting shall be designated as the Business Meeting.

Themes from early meetings show that our emphasis on professional growth has remained constant. The midwinter meeting in 1954 included a Handbook for the Educational Office Employee," and “Public Relations in the Office." In July 1954, the second Annual Work Conference was held at the University of California, Berkeley. This work Conference was sponsored by UC Department of Education, CAEOE and NAES (National Association of Educational Secretaries). The theme of this conference was “The Role of the Office Employee in the Educational Program." Attendees of this work conference were lodged at the Hotel Durant - Berkeley.

February 1955 - Riverside hosted the 3rd Annual Mid-Winter Conference at the Mission Inn. Riverside County Association of Educational Office Employees affiliates president Betty Smith, brought greetings. Annette Uehling was installed as president to serve the second year of her two-year term. July 1955 - Humboldt State College hosted the 3rd Annual Work Conference.

February 1956 - Fresno hosted the 4th Annual Mid-Winter Meeting at the California Hotel. The theme of the meeting was "This Is My Life; My Blessing, Not My Doom."

July 1956 - CAEOE hosted the NAES 22"Annual Convention at the Mayfair Hotel, Los Angeles. The Alhambra AEOE affiliate of CAEOE was responsible for registration.

“La Fiesta Conferencia" (Feast of Work and Fun) was held in San Diego in 1957. In February 1958 the hotel Mar Monte in Santa Barbara was the site of the 6th Annual Mid-Winter Conference. This was held in conjunction with the NAES Western Regional Conference and the theme was Service - The Key to the Future." The Norwalk Scribes affiliate of CAEOE played a major role in this conference in which revisions to the Constitution were made at the Business Meeting. By February 1959, CAEOP had 28 Affiliates.

The 10" Annual Conference was held at the Hotel Lafayette. The theme was "Sailing With CALLIE."

Now that you know about the first ten years of the Association, I think that you will also find it interesting to note that the Association began with 122 charter members in 1951, had 237 members in 1957 and grew to 500 members in 1961. In June of 1961, the Association began offering an Income Protection Plan to the membership. The first honorary life memberships were awarded that year to Mr. Frederick Lucas and to Dr. John Allen Smith. The Association also had two publications available, “The Handbook of Information," 1956, and “The Handbook for Officers," 1961. The State Board of Education passed the Association's application for inclusion on the approved list of conventions in 1961 for a three-year period.

“Room at the Top" was the theme for the 14th annual conference in Fresno, followed by “Signposts of Success Service, Integrity & Skill" at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego in 1965.

A membership high of 1,282 active members was reached in 1969 in San Francisco with “Through the Golden Gate to New Horizons."


1973 CAEOE's newsletter, “CALLIE Comes Calling" was shortened to “CALLIE."

1/6/75 Senate Bill 160 (Collective Bargaining) introduced providing that elementary, secondary levels in the public school system; including higher education, will have the right to form, join and participate in the activities of employee organizations for the purpose of representation on all matters of employer employee relations.

2/15/76 CAEOE Executive Board held a special meeting at the Disneyland Hotel (site of the 1976 Annual Conference) for the purpose of discussing the future role of the Association regarding professional negotiations. It was determined at this annual Conference business meeting that CAEOE would remain a professional association and in no way become a negotiator on behalf of an affiliate.

On November 22, 1977, PATTERSON & TAGGERT, legal counsel and specialists for the majority of school districts in California confirmed that the California Association of Educational Office Employees is a professional organization such as ACSA (Association of California School Administrators) and ACCCA (Association of California Community College Administrators). In late 1977 the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) monthly newsletter reported affiliation with CAEOP, which was confirmed by our quarterly newsletter, CALLIE, in January 1978.

On November 9, 1979, the CAEOE Executive Board adopted the Professional Incentive Program (PIP). The "Year of the Individual" was the theme of the 1979 Conference.

The first re-entry scholarship of $250 was awarded in 1982.

CALLIE lists these workshops at district Conferences in January 1983: Assertiveness, "Color Me Successful," and “Office Workers of the 80's." In 1983, membership stood at 283, with 16 affiliates and 107 institutional members. The first Administrator of the Year was named in 1985, and the conference theme was Discover the Keys to a More Successful You." Dues were $35 and membership stood at 408, with 18 Affiliates.


On March 7, 1987, at its annual business meeting, CAEOE members elected to change the organization name to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATIONAL OFFICE PROFESSIONALS. The new association name was effective March 1, 1988.

On March 5, 1989, during the annual business meeting, CAEOP members elected to change district boundaries from four districts to three: Northern, Central, and Southern.

Connie Wilson, CEOE, Executive Consultant, was co-chair for the July 1989 NAEOP Conference in San Francisco.

The cost for the 40th annual conference in March 1990 was $45 for CAEOP members, and featured workshops like "Positive Plans for Positive Results." The 1990's found us "Shaping Tomorrow Together" at the 40th annual conference in San Luis Obispo. The Past Presidents' affiliate was organized that year and in July CALLIE was awarded an honorable mention at the NAEOP Conference.

On October 26, 1991, a Community Service Award was established for the purpose of recognizing CAEOP members showing exemplary service to the community through elected office, civic appointment, or charity/volunteer work.

The CAEOP Retirees' affiliate was organized in March 1992 with 14 Charter members at the TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) conference in San Diego. The winter 1992 issue of CALLIE carried a “Family Ties" theme, which emphasized reports from every affiliate, highlighting programs unique to their affiliate.

The CAEOP Website was created in October 1999... and the Bylaws were revised and adopted December 8, 1999.

The 50th Golden Anniversary was held in March 2000 in San Jose. Carol Eggen was president (1999-2000) and her theme was “Preserving the Past, Celebrating the Present, Inspiring Hope for the Future."

In July 2002 at the 68th Annual Conference and Institute of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals in Greenville, South Carolina, CAEOP received second place for the Rachel Maynard Award for Excellence in Communications for Our State newsletter.

In 2009, The CALLIE newsletter won 1st place in the Rachel Maynard Award for Excellence in Communications. The National Association of Retired Educational Office Professionals (NAREOP) awarded their member dependent scholarship in 2009 to Jonathan Alfaro, Grandson of Kathy Ramos, CEOE, Bakersfield. In 2009, the CALLIE doll, representing California AEOP, won First Place at the NAEOP Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CAEOP's Community Service Award was appropriately renamed the Connie Wilson Community Service Award in 2010 in recognition of the many years of service and support from CAEOP Past President Connie Wilson, Burbank.

Rebecca Shipley, CEOE, Bakersfield, was Chairman for the NAEOP Annual Conference held in Costa Mesa, California in July 2012. The theme was "West Coast Swings" was co-hosted by the state and local affiliates of California, Arizona, Utah, and Washington. There was a pajama party where hot chocolate flowed while peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were made by all.

In 2015, Rebecca Shipley, CEOE (Bakersfield) was installed as President of the National Association of Retired Educational Office Professionals (NAREOP). In addition, Kathy Ramos, CEOE (Bakersfield) was installed as Editor of NAREOP's quarterly publication, The BEAM, and Linda Rush (Hemet) was installed as Presidential Advisor.

In 2015, CAEOP's quarterly newsletter, The CALLIE won First Place in the Rachel Maynard Excellence in Communications competition for the Fall 2014 issue. Rebecca Shipley, CEOE, Editor, and Rosemary Duff, CEOE, President.