Welcome to the Brown Elementary Art Room!

GREETINGS! I am Mrs. Parven and I am the Visual Arts Educator at the Brown Elementary School in Natick, MA. My background is in art education, art history, early childhood and advertising and I am passionate about sharing the world of art with your children - they are AMAZING! The art room is a wonderful place to learn, explore, create, and express oneself. I want students to get excited each week when they come to art, so I hope to provide a safe, enjoyable, warm and engaging environment in which to grow as artists and humans. It is my goal that every student have lots of experiences, find their artistic voice, make connections, be exposed to a variety of masterpieces and cultures, gain knowledge in elements and principles of design, grow confident in their artmaking and artistic voice, and most of all, have fun! See you in the Art Room!

Contact me! mparven@natickps.orgFollow me on Instagram! @brownartroomFollow me on Twitter! @BrownArtRoom